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  1. Hi Bors, Could you send a HUGE AXE slice, and an AGGRESSIVE FIGHTING slice to MaxDeckerd? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi Bors, Could you please send an Animal Husbandry slice to Jeddup? Returning client and on file. Thanks!
  3. Hi Bors, could you please send a channelling affinity slice to Jeddup? I should be on file. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Could you please cod to MaxDeckerd one butchering knife 70's CoC - 33 Copper. Thanks.
  5. Hi Pnut! Would like to buy the carving knife blade: 5QL - BOTD 77 - 75c Same name in-game.
  6. Hi Smokes, Very interested in buying one order of your ~45QL: 2s per 100 lumps! Thanks very much.
  7. Hello, Please mail, as is, to MaxDeckerd, one pickaxe QL 3 BOTD 81 - 2s 3c (iron). Thank you very much MaxDeckerd
  8. I typed the words both ways just to be sure. The distances involved were within the limits. Also, as stated, it has been repeated by others. There were no other mobs in the area, so there was no chance I had the wrong target. Thank you.
  9. On the Cadence server, near grid P25, my character Mallorin was aggro'd by a venerable goblin. I was within ten tiles of a guard tower. There was a tower guard closer to me than ten tiles. I typed "Guards" in local. I got no response any tower guard, and no text response in any chat window. I then typed "Help" in local and there was no response. I pulled the mob closer to the guard tower and continues to alternate between help and guards. There was never any response. The entire time the goblin was selected as my attack target. What I did was call for guards. What I expected was for a guard to engage my active target. What happened was that no guards came to assist, even though one was less than ten tiles away, and so was a guard tower. This happened on a deed called Brasschaat Harbour on the Cadence server. I escaped the goblin by going into the water, and I asked about it in the CA HELP chat. I did not personally test this for repeatability, but after I provided details, Baeowuf told me it had been repeated and that I should submit it as a bug report.
  10. Interested in a knarr if you're still in business.