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  1. Looking to buy Planks Shafts and Small Nails in Rare+ Rares i will pay 2s per item Supremes I will pay 6s per item I will also buy rare+ Logs over 40QL Rare-1s Supreme 2s COD to Revanthebutcher in game
  2. Made a chart to see stock easier... Currently only selling what is listed in Stock...I will consider special orders if you are very patient with my work schedule No deliveries on most days...maybe if I get a few days with a few extra hours i can do it...ask what my schedule is like
  3. Are you still selling the Forrest giant bloods?? Those are for woodcutting yes????? if those are the woodcutting bloods I’ll buy all 11 revanthebutcher in game
  4. CLOSE

    Congratulations @Gingeko message me your in game name and I’ll get in touch next time I’m online! Thanks to all participants!!!
  5. CLOSE

    15 minutes remain in the sniper protection period.
  6. Mr. Wuf, May I send you a Gold sickle for imping to 95? Revanthebutcher in game
  7. CLOSE

    @Rockmodd. @Intensescorpio1025 @BattleWall. @Caolon @Jellysmithboo @Marie @Gerolf @Muttleyita @Skymer @Gingeko Tagging other participants as a courtesy to notify the bidding is on a second page and I could see that being overlooked quite easily. Today is me and my wife’s anniversary so I may not be around once bidding is closed but will refer to the sniper protection rules to determine the winner when the time comes. I’m very thankful for everyone’s participation on this cart and best of luck to you all!! bids are Currently 2g 5s
  8. Added clarifications price changes(SM crates from 7c to 5c each - Support Beams to 6s/100 - Delivery Fee upped to 3s b/c I hate sailing) stock up date. As of 02/19/23 I will not offer Support Beams at 6s/100 I have sat on these 500 for about a month and need to get them sold...future batches will be made to order at the normal Market rate of 7s/100
  9. CLOSE

    Supreme Cart Up For Auction I will get this cart imped up to 90QL before the auction ends Clean Cart W/ No Runes for you to make it what you want. Must Pickup from D22 on the North Coast of Harmony - Deed Name: Dxun [16:07:09] A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from thorn. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 77.48307, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Revanthebutcher, has been etched in the stern. Starting bid: 50s Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: No Buyout: 5g Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not Accepted
  10. Narrowed Items available focusing on crates and Support beams