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  1. ok .. sorry.. I read it but forgot about it while bidding .. so correction : 23s
  2. YES... I would like to - participating with my alt Yaz ...
  3. In Memoriam - Chaosmeow ! Miss you !
  4. Grats to Esus and thank you all for taking part at my auction! Horse is at her new home!
  5. WTA Rare 4 Speed Horse with rare TWIN trait Skewbald Pinto Deed: Ally Horses Sale CADENCE P16, neighbouring Port Crescendo Starting NOW - 3 day auction- This young female is ideal for breeding 4 speeds ! Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: not accepted "ALLY HORSES SALE" is on highway system in Cadence, next harbour is Port Crescendo - hand over can be done there. DELIVERY in Cadence and to Melody or Harmony possible, will be charged according to distance with 1-2s. I breed nice good horses ( 4 Speed, 4 Drafts, various colours) and have nice 3Draft pairs for breeding at Ally Horses Sale - self service pens with more than 40 horses that are updated daily. Feel free to contact me ingame and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot. Happy Bidding!
  6. Welcome to my auction! As the market of horses is somehow unpredictable for the rare horses, I like to auction this 4-speed black silver female horse I bred in Kladruby Manor on Cadence. . For all details on the horse please have a look hereunder. . ( I am still trying to post the screenshot but have difficulties in doing so) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADOLESCENT fat Seaclover Female Black Silver Mothers name Strongecker Fathers name Flashwing TRAITS: It has fleeter movement than normal. speed 10 It has lightning movement. speed 20 It has very strong leg muscles. speed 15 it is accustomed to water. speed. 10 It looks unusually strong and healthy. miscellaneous. 10 It has a chance to produce twins. miscellaneous. 0 Total trait points: 65 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pick-up in Cadence, P 16 - Port Crescendo preferred. Delivery in Cadence, to Harmony or Melody is possible, but will be charged extra between 1-4s, depending on distance & accessibility. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: none Buyout: none Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  7. Thank you so much ... I appreciate that still low-skilled fighters like me could have the chance to get the title I think its fair to play according to the rules... I am looking forward and will try to get the title...
  8. @ Icy: yes.. I can do that -- pm me when you are online and we can agree on details and time ..
  9. Yve's Carpentry + Fine Carpentry Tools NOW OPEN - P 16 - Port Crescendo (Cadence) Merchand on market in Port Crescendo P16 Candence (DUNCAN) or PM me directly for orders! PRICE LIST Carpentry + Fine Carpentry Tools: Grooming brush, Mallet, Spindal, Spatual, Clay Sharper, Rope tool: 50QL – 30c 60QL – 50c 70QL – 65c 80QL – 90c 85QL - 1.8s (PM-order only) Carpentry Items (PM - order only): Large Crate –25c - 5 for 1 s Small Crate – 15c Creature Cage – 1,5 s Large Storage Unit – 1.5s (PM-order only) Range Pole – per QL (PM-order only) Fine Carpentry Items - min. 30 ql - PM me: Alchemists Cupboard - 1s Bulk Container Unit – 1.8s (PM-order only) Beehive Empty – (50QL - 50c), (60QL - 60c), (70QL - 70c (PM-order only)) Active Beehive – 1s (PM - order only) Bed – 75c Canopy Bed - 1.5 s Chicken Coop 50 ql – 1s Fine High Chairs - set of 4 - 1s Larder – 1s Lounge Chair - 50 c paper press - 50c Royal Lounge Chaise - 1 s Spinning Wheel 70ql – 50c Wardrobe – 50c Wagon – 3.25 s (PM - order only) - ask me for animals - I might get a good deal for you with nice draft horses for 4s complete Choose your favourite wood colour - arch wood +1 s - contact me ingame . ALSO CHECK my merchants DUNCAN and MAISIE on Port Crescendo Market CADENCE P16 - you 'll find them easily by looking for orange and blue flowerpots I DO DELIVERIES (extra cost depending on distance) and I DO visit deeds with some examples if you want to test first how to furnish your home - ask me ingame