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  1. Added Root Beer for Sale
  2. Wild horses

    When I do Inspect Animal all my animals say it is a wild creature even ones that are several generations along.
  3. I am interested in the deed. Been playing since Apr As premium player and am online everyday.
  4. Close

    Catseyes have been purchased
  5. Close

    Looking to buy 140 catseyes
  6. Items and Animals added
  7. 5 x 80+ ql = 2c per log Please COD to Engerran
  8. While you wouldn’t need a pathing route in open water due to the many low areas you would probably need to make one to get the boat out to the open water.
  9. If a sailway was implemented you could always use buoy’s to make it as they are already implemented in game.
  10. Create a port at the starter town with Ferry service that would work like the wagoners but to transport items to other maps. could even connect them to the wagoners to deliver the items to the port and complete the deliveries on the other side which could turn the starter towns in Transport Hubs. Cost of shipping 3c to pay the 1c fee to the boat and 2 wagoners.
  11. Awl QL 52 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) - Please Imp to 70ql Leather Knife QL 53 BOTD 58 - 47c (iron) - Please Omp to 70ql Please COD to Engerran Thak You