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  1. WTS Bulk Items: Stock Quality Price Per Price Total Sold Planks 10k Mix 1k 1s 8k Building Supplies: Support Beams 300 Mix 100 4s 0 Containers: Small bucket 10 Mix 1 2c 0 Small barrel 10 Mix 1 2.5c 0 Plate 96 Mix 1 3i 0 Note: Will only sell stuff in stock. Please Pm in game or in forum to buy. Containers is not free. (1 Large crate 7c , 1 Small crate 5c) Deliver is free Payment - Silver, Copper More stuff in the future!
  2. What happend? I got disconnected.
  3. Buying 9 large crate for 63c Pls deliver to Deliverance, middle of D21,E21 Settlement name: Kettegat Ign: Dictator