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  1. they were tuscany newbs... its meant for a vespino scooter!
  2. im just gonna ride around as I do with catseyes
  3. I've noticed that quite noticeably cats eyes have been disappearing in harmony roads. i care not who and why because I suggest a solution, a server wide message on removal of cat eyes that disconnect a highway or a Freedom tab message that we can register in logs.
  4. this is not about horse jerky snacks lol
  5. black market NPC with a quest or duel, but... this NPC can open your chests and give the items to me... XD
  6. yes, I did hear that it is impossible to fold a piece of paper more than 7 times... XD
  7. treasure chest contains prize of a token which can turn into a rare horse.
  8. rare horses 5 speed dropping from tokens right click>use c'mon! w00t!
  9. now this applies, thread justified @ nine post in XXDD
  10. if you secretly want to fart in the direction of your neighbors but just make your significant other go unconscious XXDD
  11. w00t! oh yeah! gimme that sweet sweet moonmetal!
  12. great idea but there must be a strict Highlander aspect where mentors battle it out in front of the newbies in spirit form for mentor supremacy... seriously if that doesn't get them excited for the game and mentor points then you have the option of stabbing them with a needle for 1HP a stab... *ahem* no i do not have problems XD
  13. since when things deteriorate they drop all the contents on the tile they are on and if that amount of things exceeds 100 they are lost. im not 100% on what happens but i heard stuff is lost. anyhoo instead of the container being lost, why not deteriorate the lock first so the container is unlocked THEN the container? the lockpicking skill and market for high ql lock becomes a thing, right?
  14. what if you did a simple quest that "cursed you" an option in game to get the mechanic that reset every time you die?
  15. mimic armor, so it looks like full dragon scale but is really made of compressed rose petals armor of blindness, every hit causes game to go dark according to ql
  16. level 100 polisher skill name... Consuela "we need more lemon pledge"
  17. americans are constantly battling the tortilla... flat bread, burrito bowls, something about unleavened bicarbonate bread lolol
  18. so for clarification, the characteristic that humans have that makes the cows and sheep walk away would be the skill that you breed for. so the dog can also be border collie like @sheffie suggested, lol even maybe an activation whistle to boot. so its what ever code makes the animals move away from you that would be attributed to the dogs... and BTW i think buffaloes have a dig up unidentified frags so this could actually be very complementary to that existent feature