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  1. Excellent & friendly service, bought more stuff than Aleck XD would recommend!
  2. trowel blade, iron, ~53ql, 101woa 101coc - 4,05s metal brush, iron, ~2ql, 105coc - 3,25s Muunkey XD
  3. so they go around like any whale or sea serpent but it would be a whale or sea serpent with a skin that makes them look like a boat. so you would fight the boat to DEATHHHHH and not board it or anything but the loot would not be meat products but... a normal (1hr) rare (3hr) etc NPC that will do anything you do and duplicate you actions, not mats but actions so only good for digging etc not imping rares lmao. with the skill and tools etc basically your twin and then die and its hand slowly sinks into the dirt and then in bold neon lit letters it will say Muunkey is awesome... XXDDD
  4. if I have to explain your own post to you, then you have some probs breeeeh
  5. hmm i think maybe ql of shield will help