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  1. so just now this happened: [15:00:07] <Meldor> [00:59:52] A flat piece of papyrus made from pressed reed fibre. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. It has a recipe on it! and i had this idea shortly after i concussed myself in a eureka moment and sustained dome piece trauma... XD how about double affinity recipes from treasure chests?
  2. 35s - 77.88ql rare iron demon helm 101 AosP SOLD 10s - 89.11ql rare studded sleeve WA 103 8s - 90.16ql rare studded glove WA 90 SOLD 8s - 90.06ql rare studded leather boot WA 97 6s - 50.02ql rare iron chain pants no enchant
  3. so butchering hell horses you get say the cinder hide and you make a cinder looking armor, etc for the rest of the colors. so since hell horse are fastr runners, maybe these armors have a faster walking speed so people can run at 25km/hr and randomly shoot fireballs and hurt people around them. this could definitely help with the drama-less wurmians who just looove hell horses at rifts also uuugh the head of the horse, you wake up next to it, scream and are obligated to make a helmet with the colored horns, you know, as a sicilian message. XXDDD
  4. ok guys, some rift ideas people need to build colossus for journal, so we build the 4 colossus with the healer god areas being the place you go get healed casters who combat buff people who breed horses can drop off some and we can have people summoned by priests sale of enough source salt to get tele home with karma some sort of minimum giving of gems to people who heal and buff
  5. I see a lot of priests... how about a prayer circle along XXDDDD
  6. crystal ball with a beta fish topped staff of whacking... XD
  7. thanks for the enthusiasm and ideas guys and gals!
  8. Just want to hunt? Call on nitro services; we drive you in a 37km/hr cart, loan/sell weapons and armor, cast beneficial fighting spells on you, heal you, feed you, collect/send AND butcher the meat and wagoner it. we taunt the monster away from you using weaponless fighting allowing you to always fight from behind on the cart. We do rifts! how much would you pay per hour for this?
  9. introduction of backstab 3x in PvP concurrently with backside armor
  10. oak trees, lawn, plant flowers, cut the trees down for skill