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  1. Annuile, Can I order 1kg of all 9 dyes you have on display? Trying to figure out a color theme for my deed. COD to Rayen. Thanks!
  2. I can't wait to get me a few and get some love bites! Nothing warms your body and soul better than hugging a Rapidash, er, Hell Hourse, on a cold Winter night!
  3. This change would be in line with what Josh Strife Plays said in his video on Wurm. Just putting the correct info right in front of players reduces confusion and gives a concrete goal. Maybe we could even further this idea and add some missions that require 50ql items, but in a smaller quantity. Or even 70ql.
  4. I vote for opt-out. This is a 3rd party tool managed by a small team of select individuals, so those that want to be isolated hermits can easily be added to a blacklist of deeds to deny being added to the map. The average player may only be on 3 hours a week, on Fo knows which time zone. That makes it difficult to get approval from a mayor who may be on less than 2% of the time. And what would they notice if people dropped by, anyways? They aren't there to be bothered. I think if we do decide to switch to opt-out, we should have a period where hermits can have their deeds added to the Yaga teams' blacklist so they never get added without consent. Plus this would greatly counter the argument "butT THeRe's NOwHerE 2 deEd!"
  5. Violent is sitting inside the pen on the East edge, so if you see her in local, you are in range to get the Blood.
  6. My worries are balancing difficulty with making them and/or maintaining them so that there aren't hundreds of them around. I also agree there needs to be some sort of cost to using it, but something that newer players can use with help from a more skilled player or a ton of work. Random idea that just came to me, but why not require a blood sacrifice? Make every player/animal require a blood from a unique? Or craft a special potion using unique blood just to use with this idea? Edit: Also require perhaps an attunement process for each stone circle, so you have to go out to each one you want first the old-fashioned way.
  7. I support this idea. Make the difficulty and material cost high to prevent people just cranking these out all over the place. Maybe involve high requirements from multiple skills, like Stonecutting, fine carp, and nat substances. Make it a regional effort so that people have to work together to make one. It would make getting out and exploring more fun since the main thing keeping me to my deed is "if I spend 3 hours exploring, I will need to spend another 2 hours to get back home."
  8. As a member of the slaying group involved: We want to be active in the community, so even if someone finds a unique, many in out group are willing to rush over to help the claimant pen it. We may ask for compensation for the cost of any deed or shaker orbs used, but the claimant ultimately has discretion as to what they want done with the unique. If they want to hold a public slaying, we offer to organize it for them and even negotiate the loot. If it is a unique we are interested in, we will offer to buy it, with each member asked to chip in a small amount to cover the large cost. Whatever the claim holder chooses, we respect that. Which brings us to the topic of "banning" people from our public slays. There is only one person on that list, and they got there by not respecting another player's claim on a unique. Even then, there is not much we can do to enforce a "ban"
  9. What did I do wrong?! 6s51c22i
  10. 1.05s What?
  11. Took a screenshot and had to let it marinate for a few minutes. Still a work in progress, but I just thought "AESTHETIC"
  12. Please remove remove Port Rayen and add Eclipse Bay (1402,2942) There is also a highway tunnel that goes from (1339,2933) to (1339,2621) There is Special Place (Epic Mission Structure) Tongues Chapel at (1311,2911) There is Special Place (Epic Mission Structure) Trail To Deep at (1349,2837)
  13. Evidence! The first four pics show that the Decent glow runes do not work, and even the colors are turned off, in the case of the Obelisk and the Nymph Statue. I know it used to work, since I have this picture of my Obelisk before the Decent Glow rune worked. I know it's hard to see, but the Obelisk both has a gold hue and a gold glow. I really miss that color. Scratch that previous phrase. The glow worked here, but took away the actual color that the color rune gave it.
  14. I want to add that I have a runed Santa hat with a decent glow, also made from a brass jackal stone rune. So it seems to be an issue with masonry materials.
  15. The glow runes and color runes seem to not apply their effects properly when attached to Statues, Epic Mission Structures, and Guard Towers. I plan on adding specific examples this evening when I can get on the game. Kind of a bummer considering how difficult it is to acquire, manufacture, and apply the runes. Edit: Failed to mention that these effects used to work, but somewhere they stopped.
  16. So he fled to another company over on Harmony.
  17. Glad to supply a spot!
  18. Thanks for the auction, Ssmokes! [20:34:03] You will henceforth be known as the Diabolist Rayen