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  1. Sadly, at the moment I have sold my last thorn shaft. I'll be organising more ASAP.
  2. Raevald’s Trading Company Greetings, my good fellow! I am offering You my wares in competitive prices, ones you possibly won’t find at another trader. At the moment, my wares can be delivered by a fast mail service (below 10 minutes), but soon I will also offer delivery of bulk and big items across the server borders- safe transport service of any cargo aboard one of my trade fleet ships. More on that service will be released soon. For now, I offer You: ARCHEOLOGY (In cooperation with Bermz- If I am not online PM Bermz or post your request here) < Fragments of statues > Price per fragment: 15c Statue of Goblin Statue of Kyklops Statue of Rift Beast Statue of Mountain Lion Statue of Worg Statue of Eagle Statue of Guard Statue of Lava Fiend Alloy Statue of Lava Fiend Statue of Unicorn Statue of Hell Horse Price per fragment: 20c Statue of Vynora Statue of Libila Slate Statue of Fo Marble Statue Of Magranon Statue of Drake metal Statue of Drake alloy Price per fragment: 3c Statue of Tich metal Price per fragment: 3c Statue of Tich marble Price per fragment: 7c Statuette of Digger Statuette of Miner Statuette of Swordsman Statuette of Axemen < Completed statues for sale > < Masks- Fragments and Complete > Price per fragment: 30c Price per fragment: 1s Finished masks: < Tenons, shafts and pegs > Shafts price per item: 30c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Shafts price per item: 60c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry Tenon price per item 3c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Tenon price per item 6c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry Peg price per item 3c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Peg price per item 7c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry CLOTH TAILORING (My personal crafting, PM Raevald) < Meditation rugs > Fine, 60QL - 1s Beautiful, 60QL- 1,3s Exquisite, 60QL - 1,6s < Decor- carpets, flags and so on > Small items (banners and flags)- 0,2s creation QL Big items (tall kingdom banner and similar)- 0,4s creation QL Tapestries- 0,3s creation QL < Clothing sets > Any type, QL up to 60- price depends on QL and materials. Examples: Cotton clothing set, 50QL (complete)- 1,3s - 9 pieces. Cotton clothing set, 60QL (complete)- 1,8s - 9 pieces. Single item, cotton, 50QL- 0, 15s Single item, wool, 50QL - 0,2s In case of request for clothing, PM please. For bulk sales, price cuts are possible. PAPERMAKING (My personal crafting, PM Raevald) Quality 50- price TBC
  3. Very good wares and seriously fast delivery, plus an excellent customer service = recipe for Dargol Got them fast, got them perfect, and got them in a good price. TY Dargol!
  4. Greetings! I want to sell my full set of 80QL Chainmail Armor. Material is steel, color is "vanilla" (not painted). Every single piece has an Aura of Shared Pain (item it is cast upon cause damage to the opponent when the holder is being hit) with cast powet 70 and above. A set of armor like this costs 14 silver, enchants are priced by our revered NFI Priests at 2s+. I want to sell the armor for minimum of 13 silver, as a set. The set is currently in imping, I'll post a screenshot as a proof it's a legit sale when I get the armor back (I think in 10hrs tops) Please answer here and/or PM Raevald in-game.
  5. Sold! I'll be PM-ing You in 3min, otherwise I ask for a PM to discuss delivery.
  6. Rare Banner, decorative, 60ql. Offer with delivery on coast of any NFI non-PvP server. Starting bid: 2,5s. Minimum increment: 0,5s. Buyout: Nope. Sniper protection: 1 hour. Private bid: no.
  7. Could it be possible to buy 1kg of both X-7 and a-7 dyes from Your palette and 1kg of something as white as possible? Chainmail armor and some clothes are the targets. CoD to Raevald, please.