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  1. My alt has so far crashed 16 times today..this is become ridiculous and outright shameful. Not a single person ahs reached out to try to assist with this issue.
  2. This still happens 10x times a day, I just cba posting logs here everytime when it seemingly is getting no replies whatsoever
  3. Using steam client it is working fine for me:
  4. 50s buyout? these are worth 24s straight up on the market currently..
  5. Lets keep this going! New day, crashed after not even 10 minutes of playing
  6. new day, new crashes! This morning i got to be online for 20ish minutes before crash EDIT: Another one: EDIT: AGAIN: EDIT: Had probably 3-4 more crashes before this but log file never updated for them so cba writing about them, but here is the latest one: EDIT: ANOTHER ONE:
  7. To add, game also doesnt even shut down properly (steam thinks it's still running) forcing me to quit steam and restart it everytime a crash occurs. EDIT: Both my main and alt crashed now, alt is on normal client and main on steam. ALT: MAIN: EDIT AGAIN: Yet another crash on both clients, only linking main logs: YET ANOTHER EDIT: Alt client crashed (non-steam client) again: EDIT: Another ALT crash: EDIT: ANOTHER ALT CRASH: I keep seeing either splash art being updated and loaded and then crash (give us a static goddamn splash image then so it doesnt need to do this while you are playing) or its a "hair0" model that cannot be found, again, make a static fallback for this since i couldnt care less if its a shitty model if it ends these crashes. EDIT: aaand another steam crash: EDIT: Alt crashed again, surprise surprise! EDIT AGAIN: Had some more inbetween these but i cba to post every crash, but this is the latest one:
  8. Update: crashed several times yesterday while mid Rift, did not upload logs for those times since i was more concerned with not logging back into death. Today just crashed again after 10 minutes of having client open. EDIT: Another crash: EDIT #2: Anothother crash:
  9. damn, i would have gone to 50s on this one if it didnt end 4am for me
  10. Daily update: crashed again (normal client crashed an hour pre this also) Seems to only happen when this damn login splash image loads, let us disable it or just disable it as it doesn't seem necessary to update it constantly while playing..