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  1. No I reallllly hate the idea. Just leave defiance as it is if you aren't adding in POK for all lvl 11. The community told you what they wanted and if the Dev team don't wanna give it then fine, sucks but whatever. We don't want any other med changes however.
  2. If it's so easy to change the broken pvp med abilities then why not just change it to POK at lvl 11 like everyone has been asking for? Why try bothering adding a feature that alot of people don't want? I haven't seen anyone against having POK 11 for all defiance med paths. Why not go with the popular solution that everyone wants and will be happy with?
  3. If sotg is on a timer it's similar to continuium. That tome along with others were removed from Defiance because they are too powerful. Goodluck trying to raid a deed against a bunch of people with SOTG whether they have timers or not. Just slap down mine hops everywhere and co-ordinate when the turn it on for your push and you'll have hops everywhere for safety. PvP is already a rare occurance.. why give people more escape mechanisms.. which means less death tabs.. less pvp activity. It's also just going to make the strong much much stronger and the casual players, newbies, weaker accounts are going to suffer. Imagine being a new player wanting to pvp and being told.. hey you have to grind meditating otherwise you'll be at a huge disadvantage? Yeah that isn''t going to encourage people to play when meditating is literally one of the worst and most boring/tedious skills to grind.
  4. So basically the solution that is being offered to NFI is to revert back to the old med system? I'd rather things stay the way they are now. Would suck that once again meditation 70 would be a requirement to pvp. Sucks to all the players who purposely didn't grind med past 30 because it wasn't needed for defiance and sucks for all the new players because it's gonna put them at a huge disadvantage. Not having Path of power, the meta where players can run up and down mountains and swim for miles.. run across the map without losing staminia, was a net benefit to pvp. Defiance is better for not having med path 11 abilities. Right now there are no more objectives... no reasons to fight. Hota is rubbish and people just stumble into camps while hunting. Aside from potentially small skirmishes on starter islands not really much to fight for so there isn''t much PVP. However if you start having characters with path of power its going to become far harder to get kills. Imagine trying to kill Jomog with the scale and path of power 11? He'll just walk up a mountain or run all the way home (just as an example). The only exception is PoK because that doesnt affect PVP. The only difference POK 11 makes is people will grind on Defiance instead of Freedom. Otherwise no point even coming onto Defiance at all unless there is a ping for pvp once they have POK on freedom. If the only choices are to go back to the old meditation system where all path 11's are allowed and med is merged.. or things stay the same I'd way prefer things stay the same and we all just grind on freedom.
  5. Revert the change pls, it's unusual for me now. I don't have the time or money to get that much coffee (or the skills).
  6. Don't remove the med cap for defiance just give everyone POK at path 11 regardless of which path they are on.... or just give everyone 25% skillgain on defiance. The issue is not with the other med paths its with everyone skilling on freedom not just for the extra skillgain but also the market over there (if you get a rare you can sell it), no reason to skill on defiance.
  7. Grats Luttuosa! Who would you like the statue pieces to be mailed to?
  8. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not Accepted
  9. Looking to sell an unfinished rare rift beast statue! Including all the fragment pieces so you can finish it yourself and have your name on it. It will also count as a completed statue for your journal. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not Accepted
  10. Status report

    +1 me hit tree but now me can no hit tree
  11. Thought I'd add on a few video links for those interested! These are all from the POV or comms of the JK team. Large fights with comms: The ongoing love story between Trash & Jomog: Pnut's POV of a raid:
  12. If you are playing on NFI and looking to get actively involved in the PVP community on Defiance then Jenn-Kellon is recruiting! While anyone may join this kingdom via selecting JK when you use the PVP portal for the first time, this thread is specifically for those wishing to be part of the main alliance. For those that either do not meet the requirements or wish to play casually (or even just take your priests over to do your crafter journal) you are welcome to live on the JK starter island or in our lands. We will protect and help you where possible and offer advice - just reach out. For those wishing to join the main alliance we have a few requirements for new members! * You must have premium. We want to know you are dedicated to playing this game and plan on sticking around. Having skills capped at 20 is not useful and most importantly non-prem accounts cannot see enemies in local or help with certain PVP situations such as bashing towers or capping hota camps. * Have discord and a mic. Not just for PVP situations where it is a requirement. We are a social group that like to chat and hang out even when we are not on Defiance. We also like to host party and games nights. * Have at least 21 body control. If you can't ride a horse you won't be able to do much on Defiance. Be aware that PVP is not mandatory, you can play as little or often as you like. Also for those not familiar with PVP there really is no risk. All of your gear and items on Defiance we can help provide for you. Fight skill is the only thing that's really lost during PVP should you die and that isn't even transferable anyway. Yes that is right your PVE skills are safe! Your PVE gear is safe! So essentially this is what we are looking for: People who want to join a new social circle on NFI that actively uses discord and comms. Those that want to try new things or if you are a veteren then you are just as welcome. We are looking for chill and laid back people. If you have any crafting skills or priests that can help us out then that's just an added bonus. Still interested or have any questions for us? Please get in touch, the best way would be to message one of us in-game: Pythius, Jomog, Friede, Zykat, Pnut (just to name a few).