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  1. Word of Warning

    If it's nothing to do with me then why did you make this a giant public post? Should have resolved this privately then. As for the deal he is saying there was not one and in your earlier remark you also admitted this. No wonder you keep editting your posts so much your flex of the truth is so hard to keep up with even you are struggling with your own version of events.
  2. Word of Warning

    I'm still waiting for the list of things he took as well. So far all I've heard is that he gave you 300 support beams or something? He openly admitted he didn't make a deal for 50% of your earnings at the beginning. So where is this 60s figure coming from? just a random number that was plucked out of....
  3. Word of Warning

    There might be a reason why you look like the bad guy here... just sayin'
  4. Word of Warning

    You still haven't said what was stolen lol Also nobody believes you when you say you didn't know you were being racist. Thirdly, you have literally scammed and been abusive to at least 6 different players that I can count and who knows how many more.
  5. Word of Warning

    Seems a little unfair and entitled to tell another player what they can and cannot sell out of the items they have created themselves. I couldn't even imagine telling one of my villagers - oh hey guess what as long as you live on my deed you aren't allowed to sell anything you get or make. Oh and if you do I demand half of it! Is it true that in your alliance chat you demand that they call you King and get upset at them if they don't? I heard that from a few people in your alliance just wanted to confirm, if so my apologies for not using your title your majesty.
  6. Word of Warning

    We should start a gofundme to get muunkey some donkeys to pull his cart because wsrich too cheap
  7. Word of Warning

    Wait so horses he bred for you are being taken back? Hmm. Also you still haven't actually answered the question that has been asked multiple times - can you tell us what he "stole". I'm not talking about things that you let him use freely like you would with any normal villager (like allowing him horses for his cart or rockshards and shafts which you admitted you have lots of and you knew he would have replenished) This seems to all be because you want him to give you silver? Even though he's the one putting in all the hours chipping those bricks, finding the customers, making the delivers. Man you can find bsbs full of rockshards for free in abandoned deeds rofl - they are worth nothing if you go to a tunnel project and ask nicely too. Yet you believe you are entitled to half of what he makes?
  8. Word of Warning

    I've heard it directly from the players involved - they have also been posting logs. Just wanted to point out that you are misinformed with your comment about never upsetting anyone because that would not be true just from the few examples listed here. That still doesn't change the fact that Muunkey didn't do anything wrong, sounds like you just got mad at him because he didn't want to be threatened out of hard earned silver he made for himself. So in retaliation you are trying to ruin his rep and get him into trouble? What exactly did he steal? Rockshards and shafts which you said he could use and he offered to replenish? If thats hte case have you paid him for any of the horses he's bred for you if you are going down this petty line of thinking?
  9. Word of Warning

    Aren't you the guy that kicked someone out of your alliance without a proper vote? The guy was invited to a private slaying and first you demanded that your alliance be invited as well and then when the guy in question told you it wasn't even his unique he was just an atendee you told him if he went he'd be kicked? Then did the crazy vote on your discord? Oh aren't you also the guy who scammed Weslock and Pixieblossom? Weslock wanted to start his own new deed and showed you a spot he wanted to deed to see what you thought of the location. Didn't you then right infront of him proceed to deed it for yourself and said it'll be easier for him this way. Yes you gave him perms but a month later after he'd settled in you extorted him 50s to buy the deed? You did the same to Pixieblossom apparantly (or similar). I also heard you tried it to a 3rd person (Rayen) who saw through it and was not caught out. When a villager joins your deed it's kind of unfair to expect them to pay you for half of everything they sell. Rockshards are everywhere and sounds like you had plenty to spare. He was also doing other chores and tasks for you on your deed. Having a villager is gave and take - it's not just give on their part. A villager shouldn't just be a way for you to earn money and exploit. I hope Muunkey finds a new home and is treated better...
  10. Sadly I still think that it would cause more new problems then solving the initial one Not all players have karma for summoning back your corpse (think newbies at a public slaying or alts used for private slayings). Then you gotta think about potentially losing expensive horses and horsegear. Having a unique pop to the surface after a month of being penned just seems like a way more simple solution that likely wouldn't cause new problems.
  11. I prefer the idea of having a unique pop to surface, die or vanish after being penned for X amount of time. Having more caveins could be troublesome. Several slayings are done underground especially when the unique throws the entire slaying is underground. Cave-ins are different to strongwall, they can happen with items or players on the same tile and when that happens not only does the player die but any items on that tile is also destroyed. Imagine players in a slaying (public or private) all getting wiped out by a cave-in and losing all of their pocessions. I think that would cause more issues. Also what if a pen was next to a deed? What if tiles on that deed collaspe destroying items.
  12. Uniques can't mine if its a sideshaft that would be made so Bleu perma penned his blue hatchling by making a pen surrounded by sideshafts. It's been in that pen for over 6 months now.
  13. I like the idea of changing how Uniques spawn and had hoped there would have been a change announced for the exploration update. Could even be something as simple as having a large beam of light appear where the unique spawns and people can rush to it to slay it. Then removing corpse loot and having it randomly giving out to players who took part orrr having a point system similar to rifts where you can buy unique loot. Idk... just a quick random idea I'm sure there are many different ways. I think removing penning would cause more of a problem as slaying groups would just immediately kill anything they find which would mean no more public slayings (or at least far less). But I do not like how uniques can be perma penned like the one Bleu currently has had penned on Melody. I don't personally see an issue (with the current system in play) of penning a unique for a short period of time like a week in order to organise things for a slaying. I liked the ideas mentioned of having a unique caught underground for more then a month either die, disappear or pop to the surface. As for the journals I really doubt there is anyone who has destinations unknown about to be finished and the only thing they need left is a scale set. At that point most people know someone they can message to borrow their set to throw on for the achivement.. or you'd think that at 5-6k skill points you'd have your own set by then. As someone said... this is endgame content which the game supports since you only need scale set in the journal at the very end. Also just to make a few quick points, there are more then one slaying team active on NFI it is not just Sinnjinn's. Start of NFI was dominated by Bleu's team and then there have been private slayings from other groups such as Aleck or even by JK Defiance which happened on Melody yesterday. Sinnjinn's team has only killed 3 dragons in total and more often than not they keep finding humanoids which have all been public. I'm a little confused at why he is being bashed when nobody is complaining about other groups or SFI. Just seems like a few people have a personal dispute with Sinnjinn and are using this topic to "mud sling" rather then actually make suggestions to improve the current system for uniques. Penning being a bother would just be your opinion. I've always found it fun and never a bother.
  14. ty Pnut and Trash
  15. Yeah just curious what the imping cap is? are we imping peoples items to 80ql? 70ql? 90ql?