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  1. hey guys, ive enjoyed living in celebration for the last however long, off and on throughout the years. most of you probably dont know me, just a newbie hermit, never been apart of a village, every few years i hope on and build myself a little village named Onette, and time consumes it when ive had my fill. this time was different, been playing solidly since 4-5 months, pretty long streak for me. started meditation, Shenjiwurm introduces me to religion (great person!) bred horses, without the help of fo, got some nice 2-3s breeding pairs with no other traits.. i was really proud!! Reaping gave me some super good horses( another great person!!) i was hoping to start breeding 5s with, maybe i could even sell them? who knows. built my first ships. my Corbita, so proud of it. i had really turned the forest around i was living in. it started as abandoned cobblestone paths to nothing.. like much of wurm.. i dug them up. replaced the maples, it was lush. i started making wine, aging it in my cellar. ###### it was ###### man, i was so stoked. things were coming together. then i decided finally, id become a priest.. i was impatient, i should have waited for one of the friendly priests around me to convert me, but i thought id be brave and make a pilgrimage to chaos and see the alter of three.. short story, 2 guys killed me while i was unarmed, in clothing, begging for my life.. just about quit there.... serendipity struck when Reaping messaged me asking how i was. i told him my troubles, he says he'll come get me! take me back to my cherished celebration. stoked i have a chance to get off this terrible island... well same two dudes ambushed us all.. killed us.. it was all my fault .. i just didnt think it was right to leave wurm finally and for good without saying good bye to everyone i never met. i guess it saved me anyways, wurm is dying, i knew my investment would ultimately only be for my satisfaction, one days the servers would die... but man i was surprised by how aggressive they are in wilds.. i figured theres only a dozen of them, theyd at least want to roleplay some mugging, or scare me away, or something, nope. KOS on sight.. might as well be playing Rust, except in rust i have a chance to crush the guys skull with a rock when he has an AK.. i know you two are laughing at me, its ok i hope you enjoyed the thrill of killing me in a 40QL sailboat on your knarly knarr, and killing poor Reaping.. man i feel so bad, and Sadmoon i think it was? im so sorry man.. this sucks.. when Reaping told me i should have just said who killed me, he'd get him to send my corpse back, i thought they were friends and this was all a misunderstanding.. but it was all an ambush.. sigh... i used to play Ultima online... i loved playing a PK from time to time.. it was the best game in my life.. always trying to reclaim that magic. it ends buds, games die. i should start working on my own house like i worked on onette.. i dont know who im talking to anymore so im going to go watch the last episode of the Stand.. man it was disappointing.. just got NMS, gonna rock it with my vive, maybe head back to elite dangerous.. ill miss wurm! but this is my final good bye i think.. i love you ! edit: Sadheart, Oceansouth, Kissecker, and my brand new boys Fastgallant and Uzewind.. man you were good horses! i hope you dont starve to death.... ****update well, i apologize for the wall of text there, that was just emotion, i'll leave it as is though, its art =o im sailing home as i type this, back on celebration.. safe and with only time and dignity lost.. big thanks to Reaping for saving my butt and thanks to everyone else for the kind words ive decided to stay after getting a msg from Reaping saying my body and boat were recovered, the offending party was sorry, alcohol and boating may have been involved. just wanted to add this update as i do see some similar post sometimes that maybe didnt end as well, or maybe it was all just an elaborate plan to gain attention for my new product, Flik's Red Wine! Flik