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  1. Please add a new public tunnel to the xan map: Thule (i-18) to Leptos (j-18) coords are: (4515, 3045) to (4515, 3592) long name: "Thule-Leptos Express" short name: "TLX" i'm still cleaning and paving, but it connects all the way through from the lakeshore to the marina underneath Thule and is open for all to use.. I'll be widening it to include a canal as well.. thanks!
  2. Please add "Leptos" [4500,3590].. thanks!
  3. A "Home" command on the mount/vehicle pull-down menu that causes the mount or vehicle to return to its home deed. Requirements: 1. applies only to hitch-able animals (horse, bison, unicorn), but can be used mounted, hitched, or standing on the ground 2. mounts/teams must be branded 3. husbandry (or other skills) level 30+ 4. 24 hour cool-down per animal 4.1 attempted early repeat will fail and trigger "(animal) is too tired" message Limitations/Features: 1. cannot disembark during return to "home" deed 2. driver/passenger(s) need not be mounted/on-board 3. mount/vehicle will not stop until arriving at "home" deed 3.1 this limitation prevents players from misusing this feature to get "un-lost" 4. driver/passenger(s) can be attacked en route (same as current travel events) by mobs or pvp 4.1 driver/passenger(s) may be knocked from mount/vehicle, if hit hard enough (see Limitations/Features 2. and 3.) Implementation: Uses current NPC AI pathing to return to deed of branding; may use roads and highways, but may not be limited to roads or highways exclussively. This could present increased risk or danger (same as current travel conditions), should the mount/vehicle team be "bushwhacking" back to its "home" deed. (please contact me (WuMing) with questions or further development of this idea)
  4. opinions vary, and sometimes intersect or agree.. simple truths: 1. ease of use is quite arbitrary, while also critical to a game's lifespan.. too easy, and players abandon for lack of challenge; not easy enough, and players abandon for lack of fun.. 2. always keep in mind that your needs aren't the only needs.. and needs will never matter as much to anyone else... 3. gotta have a certain number of paying patrons to keep the lights on.. and more to bankroll new stuff to keep relevant.. that's just reality for any business - games are as much of a business as any other venture.. i think the devs are doing great in a world that's becoming increasingly selfish and cookie-cutter.. mainly because they have the intestinal fortitude to run their world according to their vision, and allow us to be guest participants..
  5. Lunalong 2021

    is it over? did i miss it? RL happened.. grr
  6. I'll try to make it.. if i can find a route from i18 (xan).. i hope i can..
  7. Black Magic Dragon

    What a great turnout! It was so great to see so many players on Xan, outside of a rift.. lol Thanks to Bratty, Stanlee, Bob, and everyone else who helped turn this "eek, a dragon!" into such a wonderful event!
  8. Trick or Treat!

    We're still awaiting the coming of Gozer.. bahahaa
  9. Black Magic Dragon

    My pleasure! I'm glad I was able to do something well-received and mutually beneficial.. weee! Many thanks to bratty, stanlee and their crew for setting this up for everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at this (new-to-me) activity - should be interesting.. hope i don't die.. lol
  10. Selling the following on Xanadu (pm offers to WuMing in-game): item amount QL (avg) wt lump, seryll 1 21.74 0.14 rare fence bars, iron 3 6.79 18 rare green grapes 1 42.43 0.3 rare lump, iron 4 12.2 4.04 rare leather belt (sold) 1 18.43 0.3 rare lump, copper 1 30.18 1 rare lump, iron 3 5.05 3.04 rare lump, lead 6 44.07 6 rare lump, tin 1 34.86 0.5 rare mortar, clay (sold) 4 17.57 8 rare shard, sandstone 2 27 40 rare square piece of cloth, cotton 1 20.92 0.3 rare stone brick (sold) 1 42.33 15 rare stone shards 4.895 51.02 97.9 source crystal 1 27.84 0.03 supreme lump, iron 1 12.57 1 supreme shards fragment [17/26], marble 1 29.51 13.07
  11. I'd like to be able to mill sandstone to sand, to be used for terraforming, as the only current uses for sandstone are construction and paving.
  12. An additional (RL) benefit of using beeswax as a finishing step in forging/smithing metal items is corrosion resistance (hot-waxed iron items are less likely to rust), so in-game, applying beeswax to glowing metal items could be an optional step for reducing decay (x)% on a hot-waxed item..
  13. Thule could be your answer! Safely nestled inside walls with NPC guards (grid I-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead on Xanadu), you can master crafts and skills in comfort and confidence, free from hassles of NPC beasties. Turn-key workshops provide startup convenience for crafting/selling, and an apartment with a bed for immediate sleep bonus accumulation on logout for dedicated civic trade-smiths. Thule is a member of a respected and knowledgeable alliance, and is designed to kick-start new players, and welcome active and productive players who don't want the stress of maintaining/funding their own deed. Don't know your game goals yet? Develop at your own pace, learn about Wurm, and become an integral member of a strong community in Thule. Thule is currently seeking active players who desire to excel in the following civic roles (in no particular order): - Blacksmith - Mason - Jeweler - Gardener - Rancher - Tailor/Tanner - Potter - Brewer Chef (position filled) Alchemist (position filled) If Thule sounds like your new home, or you have questions/would like more information, reply here or pm WuMing in-game.