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  1. Me and one toon will be there, and probably some friends of mine as well.
  2. I knew the name Enki as a learning to code app.
  3. Hi Freddy,


    I also would like to get in contact with Violette and while I was looking for her I found you. Violette seems to be a popular and well hidden person. I moved in close to her deed and have some questions about that. Could you perhaps make any contact for me with Violette, plz?

  4. That is a very good opportunity to say my thanks, too. Being still a noob i managed to do some mistakes in game and i had to ask for help which i really got very fast and on an amazing way. But i want to say especially thanks for @Astartewho really helped me very nicely in Defiance. You made up that day for me and i got quite some nice memorial pics i shared with my friends. To all: Happy Christmas!
  5. Kingsmanbrotherhood is gathering its troop and will support Winterfell in the glorious task of defending the surrounding lands.
  6. Wow, everybody said he is fast - but that fast!!!???!!! And so good. And affordable. I will buy again, that is for sure.
  7. Hi Dargol, I send you my weapon and armor for imping. Could you send me plz also a butchering knife, scissors and a metal brush, all 90+, and a grooming brush combo, and a carving knife 80+. Also i would be very happy to receive one of your good pelts. Thank you very much, greetings SheMcGuyrren
  8. Thank you Pantha for the very good and fast service. I am very happy with my sickel :-).
  9. And I have them already. That is really very fast, especially with the server down-time, thank you!
  10. Hello Reverent, I would like low ql scissors and a hatchet, both with 90 + COC. Plz, send them to Cheesy. Thank you.
  11. Hey, if you have in stock, please, 3 for 99: rake, sickel and butchering knife. Thank you.