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  1. While you are busy reworking the whole system... Can you make a system where I can teleport into the rift and teleport back to deed. The travel distance is tedious for any non hardcore player as it already is. To my opinion the moment that you travel and do stuff at the rift. No matter how big or small. Is already insane to me. Anyone that thinks it's worth to travel 3 hours in total is hardcore in my mind. Not to mention that the rift itself can take hours upon end. Hell if that is the main content Wurm provides, no wonder this game is only played by niche amount of players and dropping... You all are actually insane and pros in my mind. I paused playing mainly for the insanity you have to go through with this game.
  2. Run away little girl! run away! From the feeding station! It looked like exactly the same way of feeding but now they just do it until they are fully hand fed. Which could still lead up to 30 times of eating in a feeding station. Still require the same amount of stuff to get. The upside is we can be a bit more lazy which is great. Addition. Having bigger stack of food would be awesome though. Specific meals for animals for example.
  3. This could easily be fixed if they, would limit it by IP Address. Also games like Runescape, have been using the vote system for a long time in the Old Skool Community. And it works to keep poeple excited for new content. ALTS have been there, Have been there in EVE ONLINE. If you give alts the fault of every purpose in life I always point them towards the number: 42. Answer on everything. You will never satisfy everyone, progression can only be made if you make something people can give input on, If you keep quiet nothing will happen. Progression need to have a certain line dragged, if your killing that for other people your killing the game you pay so much for. with all the alts you own. Wurm Online is unique because everything takes long. Because it takes long, it holds value and there is trading because of it. If you would speed things even more you would kill the economy with it. The Value of leveling. The Value of a building. the Value of a place you made, which you invested a lot of time in. Making things faster doesn't work. and if it did. Why aren't there more players Playing Wurm Unlimited? They have servers over there, where everything goes a lot faster. And Maybe, we could learn a thing or 2 from them. But how fast something goes is not 1 of them. Strength of your alliance is done by the right leadership, if you can't encourage people to play together as one, then it isn't the games fault but just the leadership not been able to organize properly. People can make many goals together, because it's a sandbox game that allows you unlimited space for creativity. The fact that it takes longer, should be a reason to get people to work together. But because the majority of the community has ALTS, they can barely talk with other people or make plans or think about anything else beside this point. Which ultimately is the fault of the player and not the game once again. Wurm has enough goals to do together, from anything you could imagine, the thing is do people see that as the same value? What if there was a event in the world. Where you would train Woodcutting/Stone Making, but the experience can be chosen to a skill of your choice instead during that event? So if you actually wanted to train a certain skill you will gain experience for that skill instead. That way you would encourage players to come to an event and it should be made by the deed owner once every week. So that would be able to gain experience of any skill that would like to. I think new content is definitely something we need to have. WoW also goes downhill if it doesn't by a huge margin. However, they also have a playerbase that loves to do Role Playing. And they all meet up together. Wurm needs something else next to skilling and goal making, that makes people stay in the game for other purposes, and not just wander off else where. We have a huge amount of skills. But not enough variety in game play, not actually related to skills, if we aren't in the mood to continue our goals and skill gains. Mods can make the game, into something totally different where the community could be really excited for. And if people would want to Role Play in this game. They should be able to travel a lot easier then the 3 hours I need to travel with a boat to start a RP. If we would look at GTA 5 Role Play. It is huge... And it is something else then the game was designed to be about. I think Wurm should head in a similar direction to keep people playing not just for the purpose of the game. But also it's variety of gameplay.
  4. If you would merge servers, more players would drop because they simply disagree with merging. Maybe merging NFI (as 1) and SFI (as 1) could be understandable. But the players who liked their current land might leave because of this particular decision. If wurm was really interested in more players. Then why don't they have more community based projects. What happened to twitch streams? What happened to advertisements? Why isn't the game actively promoted? Or more media out there? Why don't we have polls in-game to give the community more control of how the game should be moving forward? The devs give 3 examples they want to work on. We vote on it. And we expect it in 1 month, which is also a reachable goal for dev team, so it doesn't have to be a big thing. Where is the sense of improvement in Wurm Online or the road map to look at, moving forward? There are ton of games out there with a dev team lower than 5 people and they are able to put out more updates then our current dev team. We deal with toxicity in many forms. If players among each other don't wanna help out new players how do you think you will ever grow? And why don't you? - Because you don't trust them. - Dont feel like they will be beneficial. - Also your alt doesn't have a mind of his own and doesn't just quit on you. If your accepting new players do you have a place for them to come by? A bed to sleep in and a chest or more for his personal belongings? A public area and private area? Managing settings is a important part and shouldn't be understimated. Then this mechanic to my opinion should be voted on and make a change where it doesn't hurt the player as much and people are more willing to help out other players. There should be a mechanic in the game that makes permissions better. So it's not A... I trust you 100% or not case anymore. Honestly to my opinion. It is also not the Graphics. There are worse looking games out there then Wurm Online that have a higher player base. I also think that wurms player base is pretty much spread out. And most people play on the weekend'. And not everyone feels like playing this game daily. Why not improve on that as a second community goal? Give reasons to login besides your own biggest goals that are probably to big anyway to achieve in the first place. Just brainstorming gives a huge pool of opportunity and coming with these ideas only took me 20 minutes. And I assume the dev team would be even faster. But why isn't more stuff like this being worked on.. Kill the reasons why people would leave rather than a work around which has been done way to many times already in Wurm history. Now first focus on these things before you decide on something as drastic as changing servers.
  5. Maybe it should only involve accounts younger than 1 month. (As example) The rest of the accounts get the experience boost of 1.5x Seems like an easy fix to the current issue people are pointing out now.
  6. Wow, I really appreciate the kind words here , I am always happy for people that get something Rare back from me. And like it as much as I loved making it! Thank you for the large order! You were my first to buy bulk from me! Was really exciting to fullfill it ASAP. Appreciate your review!
  7. I wonder if releasing it on epic games would help... Releasing more cosmetics like the Path of Exile model to regenerate some more income. Use mods made by Wurm Unlimited into Online (MOBA genre was made by mods). There is plenty of opportunities... But Idk how much time the current team has, to even consider.. at this stage I think small features and QoL helps to maintain the player base and QoL for newer players would be awesome to tedious and obnoxious systems. . . But you need something more to drag players into the game. If I look at the game state. I think there is enough to do. Enough to decorate, ideas to be made and plans to execute. Survival part to my opinion is not really existing in wurm online. A suggestion could be that people need to make a settlement together and that needs to withhold attacks from an AI attacking it, that also know how to destroy. And enter fences. It would be a event you could teleport to after x amount of items are made. Within the settlement. (That's what I came up with ...) The other tedious thing for new players. Is looking at a action timer and standing still without doing anything during the timer that ticks away. That should have ways to either watch it or perform actions during the game. Like a requirement to equip your hammer and stand next to the forge. Some kind of event line playing out what you should be doing (step by step guide). And you get like 2 minutes of doing it in correct order and in that time you get x amount of items/imp increases. To make it at least less boring then watching the timergo down.
  8. Always willing to help out a fellow Leatherworker! Thanks for nice talk we had
  9. "A board where you can leave messages for other citizens within your village, by pinning notes onto it." Doesn't matter how you resize it, it's all over the place. (Example 1) Example (2)
  10. Since there is a Wurmpedia button for the "Masterwork Small Axe Skin" Shouldn't that redirect towards the picture: Instead of
  11. Your most welcome! I hope you have a beautiful day!
  12. Thank you! Trying to get 99 Next sunday. If Fatigue doesn't stop me too much... Actually, had a lot of fun with my girl friend, during the moments I wasn't able to leatherwork.
  13. Did anyone ever figured out the dodge chances? Vs Leather / Studded / Chain ?