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  1. yes thats works, but i mean i should reporting this log..
  2. Hello today and the last days too, my client crashes.. i play on harmony and the crash-log reports the following: Unable to locate server The error was: <> It's possible you might figure out what's wrong from the log file below, but if you can't, post the full log on the wurm online forums, and someone else might be able to help you. Contents of console.log: i doesn't understand the problem, but i wondering me again about the problem... can anyone help me to stop this?
  3. Hello i started my first Merchant, and i doesn't know: is the price setting good or bad, can anyone help me? Merchant Name: Merchant_Erich Location: Oak Hill Ranch (Harmony) Name QL Price Lantern, Iron 51,08 0,4000 rare recipe "eyeball stew" 23,00 0,7500 rare log, lemonwood (weight: 3,6) 50,70 0,1500 horse shoe, steel 26,92 0,3500 cotton 57,40 0,0200 horse shoe, iron 51,23 0,6500 shovel, iron 51,18 0,4000 trovel, iron 50,64 0,5100 crowbar, iron 52,07 0,4700 axe, iron 30,00 0,2000 axe, iron 40,00 0,4100 baking stone, marble 28,45 0,4000 axe, silver 38,44 0,6500 yellow portion 0,5000 goblin skull 48,00 0,3900 sauce pan, iron 51,37 0,3750 bracelet, silver 17,16 0,1299 cloth barding, cotton 30,78 0,6000 needle, iron 50,31 0,1500 needle, iron 36,17 0,0500 recipe "cheese and onion crisp" 0,1200 recipe "candied fruit" 0,2100 recipe "corn crisps" 0,2000 recipe "plain popcorn" 0,2000 recipe "dagwood" 0,3000 recipe "stir fry" 0,2100 recipe "frikadeller" 0,1500 recipe "dry pasta" 0,2000 brown bear fur 48,50 0,1500 black wolf fur 21,49 0,1500 healing cover (made from camellia and paw) 48,16 0,1500 pottery planter 22,00 0,1500 small axe, iron 37,58 0,3900 stone chisel, iron 51,40 0,4500 mallet maplewood 50,34 0,1500 maul, iron 40,17 0,4250 Thanks for Your Help Yours Thironix
  4. Category: Combat and Defense Theme to see on: "The Mountain" - NW Entrance Server: Harmony based upon: (RL) Porta Nigra - Trier, Germany missing the correct materials at build up time, therefore in wooden version: And this one is to find on the southern entrance of the same deed, its holded more in slate bricks (after we found veins of it): Its an hommage to my hometown Trier.
  5. Hello, have you planed to translate this Game into German or other Languages? If you want help, i can help you..