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  1. Another interesting idea for decorative items would be to introduce something like a 'wax sculptor' skill where you could make decorative replicas out of wax.
  2. Would like to get a military tent, a bedroll, and a compass that settles in 5 seconds or less. Feel free to reply here or pm me in game. Bought, thanks Volladol & Klodim
  3. Need myself a decent set of chain armor (minus the helm). If it can be dyed purple that's a plus as well. Thanks for your replies in advance Bought
  4. Here again with another order 💬 leather barding 60ql Silver ring fp97 gold necklace fp93
  5. Sent off a meditation rug for a 70coc enchant to Reverent
  6. Hi there! I'd like to order a 60ql Exquisite Meditation Rug from you! COD to Sizsizma would be perfect
  7. Hello, I would like to order a full set of iron chain armor 81ql in purple, please 💜 - Sizsizma (Harmony) Order canceled as I have not heard anything back and did not receive a reply in pm.
  8. Hatchet QL 2 BOTD 71 - 1s 28c +81ql - 50c = 1s 78c Pickaxe QL 12 BOTD 67 - 88c (iron) +81ql - 50c = 1s 38c Shovel QL 71 BOTD 68 - 1s 19c Saw QL 71 BOTD 68 - 1s 19c = 0 with buy 3 get 4th free 💌