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  1. I've had enough. .borderline suicida.. I finally snaped and left and went to lviin the woods. I came back but clearly that was a mistake.. My question to you.. I'm going to get rid of my laptop and hit the road again.. can I get wurm to work on my phone?
  2. I'm looking for a deed to live at for a little while, I'm a returning player, premium and pvp, I'm looking for a deed with active social players and the main reason for starting my post here.. I'd like to maybe help with the building of a newly created deed, I have a lot of varied experience, enjoy making concrete, am happy to slave away just as long as we build something cool and/or impressive!. You can message me in-game ---> Monkollie
  3. Voted, 29.. been in Wurm for a nice 16 years.
  4. Was wondering what the rules were around fan made t shirts.. not interested in money, could sell for charity or something.
  5. wow what a dirty drop, absolutel filthy.. looking foward to seing in game!!
  6. Welcome. I own a farmstead, not too large but enough space with space to build, my deed is a working industry town so to speak with a factory making building supplies, support beams, mortar, cement, planks, nails.. you get the idea. The deed is perfectly nestled within a very large forest that requires constant care to keep our large open moorland clear of trees, we're near unlimited wood, have unlimited onsite clay and a tar tile just off deed. I'm looking for either new players or long time players that are active UK times 4pm+ (that's about 10am+ US time), I'm looking for people that are willing to put in the effort to supply the town store of resources and wares to sell. payment will be a split cut down the middle, so an example 3 of us making support beams would be efficient and see we all make 33.7% of the final sale. An area will be provided where you can freely build whatever you like, locks cannot be attached to anything but I can at request, building and door locks will be mayor managed and owned but the interior completely private. If you'd like to know more or want to check us out just look on in-game map at P25, we're just before Eastport on the East Coast. or pm me in-game ----> Monkollie
  7. Not sure on the value of this one hence smaller starting bid. Starting Bid 25c bid Increment 10c+
  8. absolute animals.. congrats on finding the bone! have found high level weapon skins, no the feels!.
  9. Just leave offers below or message me in-game "monkollie"
  10. The ability maybe through chat commands to assign a stand stance or a custom animation such as sitting on the floor or doing other menial tasks. suggestion doesn't need a lot.. I mean hopefully it easily understood.
  11. Cadence University Welcome!. Cadence University is an educational deed built on top of a monastery in the mountains. My aim is to build a place where new players can be inducted into the game and taught how to play Wurm at their own pace and level. Wurm is quite a big and complicated game and going it alone can be especially tough, my aim is to build a place where people are free to leave at any point, don't feel tethered down to the deed or in some way offer it "loyalty" though they're welcome to request to stay longer and join the deed as residents. MONK OPENINGS: No STUDENT OPENINGS: Yes We are located on the Cadence map at M16, or you can click the link below for the yaga map (better!),2297 If you'd like to chat to me in-game you can PM me by typing /tell monkollie in chat, alternatively send me a pm on the forums . Students have access to a private room with a supplied storage area and a bed for earning sleep bonus(more later). The room is locked so only I (the mayor) and you the student can access it, it is completely private in every sense of the word. The University is built upon The Cadence Buddhist Monastery. This is my private deed and something I've wanted to do in the real world, it's a fully working Buddhist monastery just as far as you go looking for it.. meaning to outsiders we're just a monastery in the mountains that like the colour orange. I'm keeping the monastery to always a small circle of people, the monks are respected members of the community.. almost it's.. teachers.. but we also want to pass knowledge onto new players and build a stronger community. If you want to leave when you feel you're ready then you're free to do so, if you settle your own deed we can even ally so still get private chat and can interact with each others deeds, think a guild in other games!. The deed is situated on one of the main 6 giant mountains, we're the central mountain on the lake just south-west of sonata. From up here the entire map is visible with the naked eye and we'r proud not to be covered in trees!. On the far right, the lake.. see just above the lake there's that smaller lake? that's Sonata!.
  12. Simply put after a dragon kill or a rift the server is always super laggy for me so much so that sometimes I rage quit as the game becomes unplayable.. when I was on Wurm Unlimited after a big event the admins would always restart the server which cleared any lag up.. That is simply my suggestion..
  13. p.s. I suck at explaining things, hence I never suggest my ideas!.
  14. So I've noticed that though a few items require a high skill level almost all things can be created at the start. I'm also building a monastery entirely out of marble (eek) and would like to see more statue variations, such as for an example there's women and children but no men?. I'm not sure what else to add just that it'd be good to have a lot more variation in the things we can craft especially for aesthetics but also it would be good to lock these variations behind the skill curve. Feel free to reply with anything else you might like to see?
  15. Auction for Supreme Log Starting bid 50c Bid Increment 50c Sniper Protection 3 minutes.
  16. Auction is over, where would you like them sent ?
  17. Pair of 2 Rare Cloth Gloves 66ql Starting bid --> 20c Bid increment minimum --> 20c Sniper Protection --> 5 minutes Current Bid ---> 6s