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  1. Cadence University Welcome!. Cadence University is an educational deed built on top of a monastery in the mountains. My aim is to build a place where new players can be inducted into the game and taught how to play Wurm at their own pace and level. Wurm is quite a big and complicated game and going it alone can be especially tough, my aim is to build a place where people are free to leave at any point, don't feel tethered down to the deed or in some way offer it "loyalty" though they're welcome to request to stay longer and join the deed as residents. We are located on the Cadence map at M16, or you can click the link below for the yaga map (better!),2297 If you'd like to chat to me in-game you can PM me by typing /tell monkollie in chat, alternatively send me a pm on the forums . (placeholder text) Students have access to a private room with a supplied storage area and a bed for earning sleep bonus(more later). The room is locked so only I (the mayor) and you the student can access it, it is completely private in every sense of the word. The University is built upon The Cadence Buddhist Monastery. This is my private deed and something I've wanted to do in the real world, it's a fully working Buddhist monastery just as far as you go looking for it.. meaning to outsiders we're just a monastery in the mountains that like the colour orange. I'm keeping the monastery to always a small circle of people, the monks are respected members of the community.. almost it's.. teachers.. but we also want to pass knowledge onto new players and build a stronger community. If you want to leave when you feel you're ready then you're free to do so, if you settle your own deed we can even ally so still get private chat and can interact with each others deeds, think a guild in other games!.
  2. Simply put after a dragon kill or a rift the server is always super laggy for me so much so that sometimes I rage quit as the game becomes unplayable.. when I was on Wurm Unlimited after a big event the admins would always restart the server which cleared any lag up.. That is simply my suggestion..
  3. p.s. I suck at explaining things, hence I never suggest my ideas!.
  4. So I've noticed that though a few items require a high skill level almost all things can be created at the start. I'm also building a monastery entirely out of marble (eek) and would like to see more statue variations, such as for an example there's women and children but no men?. I'm not sure what else to add just that it'd be good to have a lot more variation in the things we can craft especially for aesthetics but also it would be good to lock these variations behind the skill curve. Feel free to reply with anything else you might like to see?
  5. Auction for Supreme Log Starting bid 50c Bid Increment 50c Sniper Protection 3 minutes.
  6. Auction is over, where would you like them sent ?
  7. Pair of 2 Rare Cloth Gloves 66ql Starting bid --> 20c Bid increment minimum --> 20c Sniper Protection --> 5 minutes Current Bid ---> 6s
  8. For referecne this is me.
  9. "[19:57:02] The plank will not fit in the spirit house." Guess it'll be a pickup then.. I'm on Cadence M15/16, we own the entire mountain there so anywhere on the top is good lol if you wanna try get onto me in-game you can reach me at "monkollie"
  10. SUPREME PLANK 22.78ql bid increment 50c wrong---><---wrong This keeps randomly changing itself.. auction ends at 6pm GMT, 2 hours and 32 minutes remain!. Starting bid 50c 6 minute sniper protection.
  11. Cadence Buddhist Monastery 1799, 2242
  12. Apart from hitching post we got you covered buddhist Monastery at N16.. if you have a cart you can hitch them to that ya know.
  13. @NordlysThanks for the help buddy, edited post and looks much better!
  14. For some reason the html codes don't work and can't find a way to add bb code here are links to the 2 images above. Top image Bottom image
  15. Cadence Buddhist Monastery is recruiting! We're a fairly new deed, experienced players and new player friendly!. We offer private storage space, your very own home. We do not mind training new players and allowing them to leave to find themselves. /tell Monkollie in-game for details or send a PM on the forum!. We've a beautiful mountain deed! Though based on a RL mountain Buddhist Monastery the outside of the mountain has a strict code of conduct for it's buildings and theme. We want to make somewhere truly beautiful in wurm. on the very top of the mountain peak will be a Buddhist Temple, the only part of the deed which will be a functional Buddhist temple.. this is so that unless you go looking you won't be forced into something you're not.. you don't HAVE to be Buddhist to join us nor will we force that on you.. however.. the temple will also be a functional white lighter temple too.