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  1. Voted, 29.. been in Wurm for a nice 16 years.
  2. Was wondering what the rules were around fan made t shirts.. not interested in money, could sell for charity or something.
  3. wow what a dirty drop, absolutel filthy.. looking foward to seing in game!!
  4. Welcome. I own a farmstead, not too large but enough space with space to build, my deed is a working industry town so to speak with a factory making building supplies, support beams, mortar, cement, planks, nails.. you get the idea. The deed is perfectly nestled within a very large forest that requires constant care to keep our large open moorland clear of trees, we're near unlimited wood, have unlimited onsite clay and a tar tile just off deed. I'm looking for either new players or long time players that are active UK times 4pm+ (that's about 10am+ US time), I'm looking for people that are willing to put in the effort to supply the town store of resources and wares to sell. payment will be a split cut down the middle, so an example 3 of us making support beams would be efficient and see we all make 33.7% of the final sale. An area will be provided where you can freely build whatever you like, locks cannot be attached to anything but I can at request, building and door locks will be mayor managed and owned but the interior completely private. If you'd like to know more or want to check us out just look on in-game map at P25, we're just before Eastport on the East Coast. or pm me in-game ----> Monkollie
  5. Not sure on the value of this one hence smaller starting bid. Starting Bid 25c bid Increment 10c+
  6. absolute animals.. congrats on finding the bone! have found high level weapon skins, no the feels!.
  7. Just leave offers below or message me in-game "monkollie"