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  1. I wanted to give everyone an update on the memorial. First, let me say that this has been exactly what I had hoped would happen. Everyone is coming together in their own ways to make this memorial about one person, Chaosmeow. Everyone has been selfless, giving, friendly, warm and understanding. It's brought some people together that may have never otherwise met and even some veterans who aren't online as much have stopped by to donate. This memorial for Chaos has been nothing short of wonderful and I think she'd be extremely proud and honored. As for the materials needed, I think we're pretty much set on everything except for 600 clay. If someone would like to donate some, you're more than welcome to. If you're busy or can't, that's okay too. I think Lya and I can manage digging 600 clay pretty easily! Permissions at Resting Chaos for right now are set to where anyone can drop off or unload items on the deed but please be careful because you'll not be able to re-load it once you do. Please leave your name on any crate you drop off so that I can send it back to you once next weekend is over. Other notes: There was a LMC donated and we've set up permissions where you can leave a keepsake in it for Chaos if you'd like to. Feel free to name it, leave a message on it.. or just put it in the bin. Whatever feels right for you. We've also tested it out and nobody will be able to remove the item you've placed (with exception of myself and lyarza) so rest assured, it'll be safe if you wish leave anything. As for food, Lyarza has said that she will be supplying some of her fantastic pizzas for the people who want to partake in the making of the Pylon. There's also access to fresh water and a mailbox at the site. If you're traveling by boat, feel free to dock anywhere you can on the side of the deed where the dock is or fairly close to it. I'd like to get a photo of everyone once the memorial is complete and I'd prefer to leave the boats out of the shot lol. I look forward to seeing you all there at the site next weekend. I plan to be on around 12CST and will be inviting people to a team so that everything goes fairly smoothly with permissions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to hit me up in game, discord or here on the forums in a PM. I'll do my best to see you're taken care of. Thank you again for your time, Deyjan/Aerith
  2. Hello all, I know it's been a few days since I said I'd keep you posted about Chaos's memorial. I apologize for the delay, I've been rather sick and it's reduced my energy considerably. So, about the memorial. I know a lot of people have been hitting myself and Lyarza up about it. We've been talking about it quite a bit and this is what we've come up with thus far. (be prepared, this is going to be lengthy. the TLDR is at the bottom) Where: Lya thinks it's fitting to have Chaos's memorial on the water so more people could see it as they sail by. I have a plot of land on the water that I've donated and decided to re-name it to Resting Chaos. It's right next door to Port Crescendo on the Cadence server, which is a bonus because Chaos had many friends there as well. So, that takes care of the question: where will it be built? On Cadence @ Resting Chaos P15 - Map is at the bottom of this post. (please note that the deed is not yet on the highway. It will be linked into it within the coming days.) As for what we plan to do with the site, Lya and I sailed around on the water, looking at the deed to get a feel for where it would be best to construct a Pylon in Chaos's name. We cleared the area and started a Pylon just to test the waters on how difficult it might be to attach materials. As it turns out, it shouldn't be -too- difficult for someone of 40ish Masonry to help out with attaching materials if they wish to. We also started a marble bridge that will lead from the edge of the water up to the Pylon. In time, we'd like to decorate the area with nice hedges, benches, and things of that sort just to dress it up a bit. All of that is still currently undecided. Donations: Several people have been asking to help with this project in any way possible and I think that's wonderful. Our goal is to make it so that anyone who wants to participate in this memorial is welcome to do so. The idea is to include anyone who wants to help, regardless of skill level. No material QL for the Pylon is too low, as I and several others in the area are extremely high in Masonry. If you send it, I can nearly guarantee you that it'll be attached. The idea is not to be the most optimal with this, but to be the most inclusive. I think Chaos would have been overwhelmed and so proud of the idea that so many people would do something like this for her... so I'll see to it that everyone gets a shot at participating as much as I can. If you wish to participate, there are several ways for you to help. We'll need the materials for a Pylon, found here: We'll also need marble bricks for the bridge leading up to the Pylon. (Roughly 1550). I know this game has many talents outside of Masonry and we don't want to leave people out who have talents in other skills so we're also asking for several golden, hanging lamps (roughly 30 but if we get more, we'll work with it!) to keep the place well-lit at night. We're also thinking about adding about 4-6 wooden benches. We're open to other suggestions for décor but we want to keep the place looking fairly free of clutter so please keep that in mind. If you find yourself wanting to donate something but these particular items aren't your forte, you can also visit the deed and donate coin to the upkeep. Please do NOT feel obligated to do this, as I've made sure this monument isn't going anywhere for years. However, if you'd like to help make sure it stands until the wurm servers one day close down, please feel free! Every iron coin adds up! lastly, on donations, I'm toying with the idea of placing an LMC at the site where people can perhaps leave a note on an item of meaning to them and leave it there for Chaos. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback about this. is it a good idea? Would you leave an item? PM me on the forum or join Discord and let me know. If you'd like to set up a donation and send it ahead of time, please send it to Deyjan or Lyarza in-game via wagoner. Any items we receive that are unused on the monument will be donated to Port Crescendo so that they can continue to make Chaos proud through all the building that takes place on their large deed. Also, if you do donate, please leave a reply here or in the discord channel we've set up letting us know what you wish to donate and the Qty so we don't get extreme overkill on gifting. --- When: We'd like to try and start building on the memorial on Saturday, March 5th around 12 CST. That said, Please feel free to come when best suits your schedule. Thank you all for your time. If you have further questions or ideas, please feel free to PM me on the forums or hit us up in Discord. Just know that I work in the day so my replies will be limited. I look forward to working with everyone to make this memorial for our good friend, Chaosmeow. TLDR: Where: Resting Chaos on the Cadence Server (will be linked to the highway soon) When: March 5th @ 12 CST What: Pylon Building, Bridge Building Discord channel for organizing: Donations: Materials for a Pylon, a Marble Bridge, Wooden Benches, Golden Hanging Lamps. Please post what you intend to donate, then set up a Wagoner Delivery to Lyarza or Deyjan. You can also donate time at the build by attaching materials or coin at the deed token for upkeep if you wish to go that route.
  3. Sad News

    Dear Wurmians... With an extremely heavy heart, I write to let you know that the wonderful person known to everyone here as Chaosmeow has passed away. It's not my place to give specific details of her situation. However, I feel that Chaos meant a lot to many in the community here... and to not let each of you know would be a disservice. To those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chaos very well, let me assure you that she was absolutely an asset and friend of the community. I always knew her to go the extra mile when helping anyone, even if they were a complete stranger. In a nutshell, she was a kind and generous soul who loved this community greatly. It boggled my mind how she kept up with all of you and it always made me grin to pass her on the highway as she made her way to your deeds to make a sale. Chaos was an adventurer. She was always on the go, always making a sale... always out exploring or hunting... always making the most of wurm. It's safe to say that life around Chaos was never dull. I already miss her greatly. It's a really strange and somber feeling to be working on my deed while knowing I won't see my neighbor returning from the latest adventure anymore hurts, friends. It hurts a lot... As for what comes next, I've spoken with another super cool person in the community, our very own Baeowuf. He's made some fine suggestions on things we could do to make a memorial for Chaos. Right now, the details are few but we have some ideas in the works. I will post again as things become more clear so that anyone who wants to participate in the building of a memorial has the chance to do so. All I really know for now is that the memorial will be built on her deed that is now being kept by her long-time best friend, Lyarza. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your time, - Deyjan/Aerith of Midgar
  4. You know Aerith is right next door and can help. She can also summon peeps
  5. If you still have seryll lumps, cod to deyjan please
  6. I need 1 90QL 2h Sword made of silver, please Sir. Please CoD to my alt, Aerith.
  7. Add Aerith please. 93 faith, 70 channeling
  8. Oh? Strange. I was showing it had ended already. Ty for that.
  9. Grats Mirowen. I'll mail this to you when I log in shortly I assume it's going to the same name in game?
  10. Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted