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  1. Thank you Ssmokes, all sent except the tin lump. It was sold already.
  2. We have 1 more store front open for a vender and multiple slots open for a stall. If you would like to sell your wares at Destined Spirits, please message Eck or Eckywecky. Or you can message me here. We will be expanding the merchant are for more merchants soon.
  3. Good morning. Can I please order the following, Shovel QL 70 BOTD 78 - 1s 17c (iron) Trowel QL 70 BOTD 86 - 1s 72c (iron)
  4. Every stall is full and new prices again. Check out the animal parts, 5k meats, wool cotton wemp and all milks too! Also, dont forget to look up top at all the different merchants. We have a brewer, Dye maker, tools and rift mats, rare, leather and furniture, and soon enchants merchant.
  5. Sure, I will take just 1 shovel at 70qlt and 72 cast please.
  6. Hi there guys. Can you please send the following to Eck. QL 90 BOTD 87 - 4s (iron) Carving knife QL 10 BOTD 78 - 1s 41c (oakenwood)Grooming brush QL 19 BOTD 89 - 2s 23c (iron) Rake QL 70 BOTD 80 - 2s (iron) Shovel QL 70 BOTD 80 - 2s (iron) Shovel QL 70 BOTD 63 - 82c (iron) Scissors QL 85 BOTD 70 - 2s 50c (iron)Scythe QL 70 BOTD 65 - 85c (iron) Trowel QL 70 BOTD 80 - 2s (iron) Saw Thank you!!
  7. Good morning Reverent, Can you please cod Eck a 90+ coc butchers knife. Thank you!!
  8. Sorry for no updates. We are in the middle of a move and construction that will provide a coast line self serve. I am still breeding and re building my bison and hell horse herds. They are slow going as I had to produce 0 traits first and now I am breeding for draft traits. My horse herd is doing pretty good though. See you all soon!
  9. Sent, thank you for your order!
  10. Bit of an update and more coming soon.
  11. Hey there Reverent, can I please get a pelt, mallet and scissors with coc please. The 70 cast. Just cod to Eck please.
  12. Thank you, it has been sent.
  13. Hey can I get 5 med ccfp slices please. Send to Eck. Thanks! Thanks for the quick service, many more orders to come!