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  1. Is this in steam or in the wurm online website? Because i can't purchase there since I can't make an account with my characters name. Edit: Ahh, thank you! I should have noiced that. I was prob too busy making small nails and the like.
  2. Ok, in game you can only use in-game money. Guess I won't be getting premium? I dunno, it seems like there should be another way. I mean, do they really not want to sell me a premium membership because I'm on Steam? Seems ill-conceived.
  3. There's a place you can do that outside the game? Been unable to locate it.... edit: looked again. I guess in game is the only way to buy premium if you play through steam.
  4. I think I'll just buy in Steam. Enough is hard right now without jumping through hoops to give someone money, but I do feel like I'm being punished for using Steam, which is kinda not excellent.
  5. Steam. When you buy in game you get no bonuses that you get on site. That's why I wanted to do it there. Whether I can do it in game also depends on if I can use paypal, but that's a separate issue. So basically, I just can't get first premium bonuses as a Steam player?
  6. I registered on the main site not with my character name, and when I try to use it, it says it's taken. Edit: actually, it looks like I may never have registered, it seems. Don't think you have to through steam. In any case, I doubt very much that anyone is using my name besides myself, but I can't use it to register.
  7. Guess I didn't see the little print that said to register with character name. Tried to register again with my character name, but says it's taken. That's probably me, tbh. Somehow. Anyway, now I can't figure out how to but premium because I don't know if it will get to my character or not. I don't want to purchase in game, because I saw that doing so would lose me the bonuses of purchasing online. Also not sure I can use paypal if I do that. What do I do?
  8. New to the game, a week or so in. When I first started, I could place objects and it showed a red or green outline. Now it shows black and I can't place. I deleted my gamesettings.txt file and checked to see that GLSL was on and it is. Don't know what else to try. It wouldn't be as important if rotate was in smaller increments, but.... EDIT: problem solved. Most of the time, it wasn't really black, the green just looks black on my monitor in certain lights. The problem was that I was single clicking to place, not double clicking.