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  1. Fun! I will have to hippity-hoppity down the bunny trail and find one!
  2. When I logged in earlier before the Easter Egg Hotfix, I found an Easter egg with chocolate, a Sleep Powder and a fragment. One of my deed-mates found their egg pre-hot-fix with the same contents. After the hot-fix, all of my alts, my deed-mates and alliance-mates have received eggs with a potted flower only. Was curious if anyone is receiving items other than flowers since the hot-fix. The flowers are pretty, but thought it was odd that there is no more chocolates in the eggs.
  3. Wow - You are so fast. Thanks so much!
  4. For me and my alliance: Sea Haven: 2680, 3204 Greystone Terrace: 2650, 3255 The Dancing Goblin: 3030, 2588 Thanks! :)
  5. That was exactly what I had thought too (after this happened, I added locks to my deed's BSBs just in case). Wonder if it's because he re-deeded and the BSBs that were there lost their permissions. Don't know, but happy to have learned not to assume in the future.
  6. Thanks all - Right as I was logging out, I saw the player pop into local so I quickly logged back and PM'd them. They laughed and said all is well - said a GM let them know about it (guess the GM saw the post and looked up my log to see where I was frantically dropping things (grin)). The player said they took over the deed a couple weeks back - sounds like they aren't new or worried at all about the sprouts, teeth and paws (lol). I was so relieved and was humbled when they asked ME to let them know if there is anything I need! In all my many years playing games, I've never come across a community like this. Wish I would have known about Wurm years ago, and looking forward to living in this wonderful world. I've even roped in family, and we have an alliance with a few deeds close by so it is truly like an extension of real life (yep, there are trolls in my real life too, but at least in game I can get rid of them). Thanks again for the feedback - I now know some ways to right a wrong even thought my goal is not to have to in the future. I am really looking forward to the years ahead as I improve my skills and deed. It is going to be such a great journey!
  7. Oh, I wouldn't have guessed that! Thanks Neopherus!
  8. Thanks Ekcin and Muse - I wish I felt like a good person, but can't help but wonder what this poor new player will think about losing the creature droppings they worked hard for (or if they find them on the perimeter, I hope it's before they decay). Lesson learned for me - always check the ground before assuming it's abandoned. On another note, I sent them flowers, but it didn't give me the option to write PM Cynndahl or write anything. Now they may wonder who their stalker is!
  9. Thanks Bakhita - I couldn't find a forum account, but will send them something as you suggest and see if they respond. Thanks so much!
  10. New player here... I am on Xanadu and while exploring, found what I thought was an abandoned deed since there was decayed pottery on the ground. I took some paws, teeth, and sprouts from a BSB, and when I tried to drop something I didn't want, I received a message that the guards won't allow it. I "then" checked and found it was an actual deed. I couldn't put the stuff back so I went to the deed's perimeter and dropped the stuff there. I checked Niarja for the player/deed and it looks like they just deeded it this month so they are probably new too. Like me, they may have thought an unlocked BSB on a deed is safe. It's possible someone else will pick up what I dropped on the perimeter. It wasn't anything valuable, but I feel bad. I now know that an unlocked BSB doesn't mean it's abandoned, but I feel bad since they will think someone came to steal their stuff. They weren't online, and I wondered if there was a way to send them a message. Any way I can send them a message or should I just not worry about it? Thanks all!