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  1. DNS or Domain Naming Service is a series of hosting providers that translate FQDN's (fully qualified domain names) into IP addresses. Almost ALL hosting providers including ISP's, Google(, and others track DNS queries to correlate sites you visited with teh IP address of your modem. It's why if you search a few time for prices of a corvette, your wife's Facebook page on her phone will suddenly start to get Chevrolet car dealership ads. This tracking does produce overhead on the system and slows down responses and traffic from your ISP. And yes internet privacy laws in teh US allow them to do this. The only way to avoid this is to use DNSSEC [trust chain security], DoT [TLS encryption], or DoH [HTTPS encryption]. These are not fully supported across all OS's, browsers, and hosting providers. OR you can force your traffic to a public DNS service that doesn't track such as Cloudfare ( The majority of people will NEVER see a difference in (loading) speeds from this, because they have functioning modern connections. HOWEVER, when your connection is as bad as mine, that small increased latency in responses from the slower DNS systems (that DO track your requests) can cause you to miss the answer to your request, forcing your PC to send additional queries to get its response. This WILL cause a slower response time for page loads when web browsing, (or initial connection times to any hosted service where you are pointing at a FQDN) and on very poor connections a faster DNS service can lead to increased performance on page load times (not overall bandwidth and ISP connection speed, in case that wasn't clear in my first post) @Calan You are correct that all of those hardware/firmware items need to be checked. I am not skeptical of the affect old equipment can have on the connections, that was more of a jab at the overseas call centers many ISP's love to use. The usual convo - even when you have a brand new 32 channel docsys 3.1 modem with the latest firmware : "yes I have rebooted it 3 times already , no, 'Bob' from India, unplugging it and pugging it back in with will not change anything. and no I am not going to purchase ANOTHER new modem because that is your only troubleshooting step." Also I agree with Griffler, it would be great if the FCC would enforce monopoly laws so the majority of us in teh US that have literally only one service provider in our area COULD change. @Griffler Sorry to have drug the conversation away from your OP. My answer remains the same .. Beg for a client update, Go after your ISP for poor service.
  2. TL;DR I have the same problem, beg for a WURM client update and sue your ISP There are many games that I play on from my unstable connection that are far more resilient than WURM. Several times a day WURM goes non-responsive due to dropped packets or otherwise low transmission rates, when other things in my household are working just fine. ( I constantly monitor quality of my connection for reasons below). More could be done to make the client/server connection more robust, and tolerant of packet loss, and those changes would have to come in the form of a client update. Something I am SURE *cough cough* is high on the priority list for the devs. 🙄 As someone else who lives in an underserved area (aka the boonies) I get what you are saying. I have done many of the things I am sure you have tried and others have probably suggested to you. In addition to the standard reboot, oh you have to buy a new modem, it MUST be your router blah blah blah .... For 2 years I have: Sent packet traces to my ISP showing loss on their end Sent detailed analysis of noise on my line coming in (from the same model FLUKE meter their techs use) Showed the channel report from my modem displaying which channels were experiencing loss and during what time frames Sent speed reports showing my UP is about 120% of what I pay for while my DOWN is less than 10% Changed DNS from the ISP to cloudfare ( to avoid slowdowns from tracking algorithms.... I got about a 3% increase FWIW) etc etc etc This is a struggle that FINNN is obviously not familiar with based on his response. Getting your ISP to change is not an easy answer ... many are so resistant to admitting fault it takes a lawsuit to action change... like the class action suit and Public Service Commission filings against my ISP - SuddenLink by Altice
  3. Enlightenment was intended for use at higher levels. It allows for progression to the next level after just seven days as opposed to teh 18 days required at higher levels. So at 39 % of the normal wait time, I would expect a much lower success rate of getting the question (39% sounds logical to me).
  4. HOLY [I won't say the word here]! I LOVE math (more than I understand it), and this is impressive. The fact that someone could reverse engineer this amazes me. Whether it was you or someone else Thank You for sharing!
  5. If I have a desire to get where I am going slower than my horse allows, I will walk... and carry a log.... and 3 dirt...
  6. High FC to create - 70?- 80? Requires 4 horses to pull, no more no less, no other animals. As fast as a single weightless rider on horseback if the 4 horses were averaged together. VERY LITTLE cargo. Maybe 4 slots that can each have a single large chest or small barrel added to them. 1 commander up to 6 passengers The idea is to make getting to community gatherings easier and more a part of the group event. "Hey Bremba, Why don't you bring you carriage down to my deed on the way to the Floppa killing. 3 of us need a ride!" "Sure! It's a bit out of they way, but I want to see your new stables!"
  7. +1 Personally I like the idea of adding container type permissions to tables that override deed settings, but the larder idea is good to. Heck any way of implementing this is an improvement over current.
  8. Pack mules and extra "carry more" traits 😀 .. leading a 'train' of them with a wagon ... many possibilities, can't wait to see what we get.
  9. So it sounds like we may also be getting Mules and Hinny's? ..... where's my grooming brush!
  10. 3 for 2.4 deal please trowel, Grooming brush, butcherknife COD Bremba Thanks
  11. It appears this has been resurrected many times, and isn't likely to happen but... +1 1) must cost money 2) must have a multi month cooldown 3) must fit into current deed size restrictions (i.e. at least 5 tiles form border) 4) must have additional restrictions to avoid PVP abuse ( I don't pvp so I wont say what)
  12. I see that this is a resurrected post, BUT still throwing my 2 cents in... Summary of what I think are the best points on how to implement this much needed feature, plus my own twist. Nautical Compass 1) must start with a 60QL compass to even have a (low) chance of creation 2) Attach to a 40+ QL BRASS gimble made with blacksmithing (or jewelry smithing if you want to make it more difficult without adding another specialized subskill) 3) After creation, can be imped with brass by Blacksmith up to a the QL of the starting compass, but no higher. 4) can be attached to a wagon (land yacht) or anything with a sail (no rowboat) - QL of Nautical compass AND Shipbuilding skill affects chance to attach, failures causes damage or possibly destruction of Nautical Compass. Suggest minimum Shipbuilding skill of 70 to attach. 5) Stabilizes at speeds below 10KM/H but, like a normal compass, time to stabilize is affected by QL and rarity so you can't just slow down for a split second to get a bearing. 6) replaces normal compass readout when embarked as capt. 7) once attached cannot be removed or improved. CAN be replaced by Nautical compass of higher QL. These things would not hurt any of the current market due to the QL requirements AND limiting of QL based on QL of the starting compass ensures high end compass makers get an increase in business, not take a hit. All the different skill types involved would prevent an immediate mass spamming of them to flood the market and require multiple parts of the community to get involved. Especially the needing of a shipbuilder to attach.
  13. Looking for guaranteed rune attachment on 2 wagons, on harmony. Can PM me here or in game on Bremba
  14. Thank You for the updated and corrected chart. Never any thoughts of nefarious activity, and glad to see ongoing improvements to the information =).