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  1. After trying a bunch more times, I realized it seems like my issue is every time I put in the server internal IP port, RMI Registration Port, RMI port and steam query port into the local server and server neighbor (using intstructions off the wiki page) it doesn't seem to be saving. It looks like it is working, I started the server, have the same issue (it says <server name> is no longer available when I select travel north. I recheck the settings, and they are all different numbers again.....
  2. I followed the instructions on the wiki for setting up multi server. I set up the map I made to be North in the travel. However when I attempted to travel north it wasn't letting me, and sending a message saying intrateleporting out of bounds. When I selected teleport north, I got a message saying <name of the map> was no longer available. If anyone could please provide insight or help I would greatly appreciate it. We really wanted to get the map I made in, and didn't really want to wipe progress on our world since we had left it open for others to come on.
  3. In the WurmLauncher folder. It loads fine without any errors and says it patches. But nothing seems to actually work...
  4. Can anyone help me? For some reason the client mod doesn't seem to be working for me at all. I put in the Server mod and a whole bunch of mods and it works perfectly, but the client one doesn't seem to be taking. It says it patches, everything looks fine, I put in a couple things and they don't work at all