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  1. Would love to see bonsai trees. I think they would be mostly decorative. The pot itself would be just pottery skill. Simplest form: plant sprout in special planter, mini tree has exact same life span and stages as regular tree, but gives no wood, can't be harvested, and gives no sprouts.
  2. And ... I spelled the name of my own deed wrong, someone else pointed it out to me when they saw it on the map. It's supposed to be "Lago Domo" not "Logo Domo" - I'm sorry to cause extra work.
  3. Agreed. This is one of the things I have wanted since I started playing. If can be combined, and it's a stack, let us combine from the stack header, without having to equip an item first.
  4. Many games have optional newbie tutorials and explanatory text that can be turned off when the player advances far enough to not want it any more. The wiki is great - I'm constantly looking things up there - but I've often wished there was some kind of minimal in-game information about things. This seems like a good idea to me. But I do think Minnie has a point - it would have to be done in a way so that people who don't want or need it anymore aren't bothered by it.
  5. This would be very nice. Just in general, allow us to dye more things!
  6. As a very new player I lost my slightly less than 20 QL shovel by selling it. To me it was very valuable. I had started from nothing, and had built up mining and blacksmithing to be able to make it, and put a lot of time into improving it. Was it subjectively valuable? To most players, no, but to me it was. I didn't know what sell does - didn't know what it would do - but once that timer started I knew I didn't want whatever it was doing to happen, and I also couldn't figure out how to stop it. I feel like the timer is there to give you a chance to say "I didn't mean to do that" ... but despite having been burned by this before, I did it again with another item later. And again, couldn't figure out how to stop the timer. All I would have needed were: 1) a persistent message which says which item I was selling (because it's easy to have a random item highlighted, especially for new players) 2) a clear cancel button so you could stop it if you started selling the wrong thing. I still don't know how to cancel a "sell" transaction if I start one. Do I click on the dirt and say "stop"? I thought I tried to hit the ESC button - but I don't think it worked. But in the midst of panic, I don't know what exactly I tried.
  7. Please add my Settlement: Logo Domo at (1900,1470) Also, the deed called Blacktooth Grin (would be our neighbor, if they still existed) has been disbanded - not sure if I am able to report that or not