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  1. The problem with asking those questions is that the answers aren't clear-cut. Unless someone (you) is willing to fully understand the combat code and creature stats and write a simulation program that takes as parameters the creature (with age), your skills, the weapon you're using (quality and enchantments), whatever other CR buffs you have (mounted? priest favored terrain? etc) it's really hard to say what will be better.
  2. This might be unrelated but I was having issues damaging the warmaster specifically myself (90 fs, 60 body strength, 75 staff skill...). The odd thing was that I would HIT the warmaster with the staff but would only get a damage message from the flaming aura enchant, and only that wound would appear. Here's a relevant section of my combat log: [11:38:23] You miss with the staff. [11:38:24] Mature fierce rift warmaster begins heating the surrounding area. [11:38:27] Annykin mauls mature fierce rift warmaster extremely hard in the stomach and slaps it. [11:38:27] Merfin cuts mature fierce rift warmaster extremely hard in the right thigh and slaps it. [11:38:27] Your attack glances off mature fierce rift warmaster's armour. [11:38:30] Alexeyst cuts mature fierce rift warmaster deadly hard in the left underarm and slaps it. [11:38:31] Your weapon burns mature fierce rift warmaster. [11:38:32] Merfin cuts mature fierce rift warmaster deadly hard in the left thigh and slaps it. [11:38:33] Dillyan mauls mature fierce rift warmaster extremely hard in the lower back and slaps it. [11:38:35] You miss with the staff.
  3. yeah I would never recommend dual wielding (if you're caring about results) or using longswords. If you're dead set on a one hand weapon, I'd use a sickle (with high nimbleness) or a medium axe (nimbleness or WoA, nimb better for high CR mobs). Otherwise, I'd switch to a staff or a huge axe. Like other people have commented, venom helps a lot for mobs with actual armor.
  4. Exploration themed update sounds lovely, excited for this!
  5. If you're desperate to sell I'll give you 20s for it. CoD to Sarahbee if that works, no worries if not
  6. You can work around this by changing the sound engine to "Software". I do seem to have sound bugs with it (sounds missing/delayed in combat mostly) but those could be present with the setting on Hardware as well.
  7. totally forgot about rift crap when making this post, yeah that'd be convenient too
  8. I don't want to rebind my mining hotkey for a meteorite and risk forgetting to change it back
  9. @darwin my read on the implementation is that a variable keeps track of when each item last received a decay tick, then decay is scaled based on the elapsed time. This would allow all items to decay at a constant rate regardless of the tick interval or how long the server takes to process each "pass" over the items calculating decay. Still a weird and bad way for decay on deed to work, but slightly harder to avoid than it might seem.
  10. I think things like this contribute to the general feeling that the dev team's intentions are unclear. When this is classified as "working as intended" while the 0 ql loss repairing was "very clearly (and known to be) a bug" yet remained a widely known element of the game for 6+ months, it's hard to tell what other things in Wurm might seen as a bug by the developers. I don't have any brilliant insights to add but in general I think consistent definitions are good and desirable
  11. lol yeah, love it when i take my lumps out of the magic chest, put them in a forge, and they almost instantly take 30 damage
  12. update: finally fixed this by changing some scaling settings, through Windows, on the Wurm client itself. here're the settings I landed on in case anyone else (who isn't banned, RIP Niki) runs into this:
  13. rare trowel and rare chisel for 4s each? CoD to Sarahbee if that works please