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  1. I don't currently see a timer on this auction. Timer Is up and running now! Thank you
  2. 5s Can CoD the assembled tool to Dalraist. Thank you
  3. The Timer appears to be broken on this auction.
  4. Auction has Ended Please PM me your Deed location in game or here if I am offline. I will be standing by for at least the next hour to send off your Crates! If you have a preferred wood, let me know. Also CONGRATZ to Jaelus!!!!! He is the winner of the Rare Large Crate! [18:54:35] A large crate made from planks, primarily used to transport goods. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from walnut. You must use a file to smooth out the large crate in order to improve it. Ql: 77.90667, Dam: 0.0. This Post Can Be Closed
  5. 2 Hours and some change left...Good Luck!
  6. I got a Rare Large Crate today! So to spice things up for some funzies...I have rolled the dice(literally) and randomly selected one of the three shipments to contain a Rare Large Crate. Nothing else was changed. Just a way to increase the "(L)ucky" aspect and share a shiny new crate with someone!
  7. From the Creator of the 101 Crates Auctions! ***Please Read: The Auction includes 3 sets of 20 Crates. The three top bids will each receive one set of 20 via Wagoner in Cadence or via Pickup at S12 Cadence. Each set can be claimed at the buyout price at any time (for those in a hurry). *You can only claim more than one set IF you are paying the buyout price on each of the sets purchased. *Each Bid must be a new Amount. For example: Two people can not both bid the minimum amount. Delivery NOT included (But Postage Is!) and Large Crates will be sent via Wagoner on CADENCE shortly after the auction ends. Buyouts are generally handled within 6-10 hours of Buyout. Yes, I have to sleep! You will be contacted to set up a delivery location shortly after it ends. *Choice of Standard Wood Type IF Desired - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Cedar, Fir, Birch (Crates are 1 Plank from Complete) ***Reminder: This is per set of 20*** Starting bid: 3 s (14 c +1 c Postage Each) Increment (minimum): 20 c Buyout: 6 s 20 c (30 c +1 c Postage Each) Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  8. Great Pizza delivered by Dhoulmagus! : )