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  1. 90ql mallet please IGN - Leonhurt Thank you
  2. friendly and good service. +Rep Looking forward to do more business with you
  3. Thank you for explain, Sorry for my mistake and i don't mean to make problem. I just want to bid
  4. i think sniper protection will start after auction time end
  5. Problem solved I keep switching between 2 type of connection while updating and i managed to finish that. Thanks for helping neopherus
  6. Uninstalled and reinstalling wurm No another toon or tasks And its look like random stuck because i tried with close client and then reopen to check update is stuck at certain % or random.
  7. Please help Client update stuck at 10.14% [graphics,jar]:creatures/horse/Horse_main_hal.wom Unchecked optional experimental files
  8. Same thing is happening for me and how can i solve that?
  9. Can i sell sapphire 35.24QL,diamond 37QL,opal 37QL and ruby 1QL in harmony bay? First time in forum, if i make mistake please forgive me