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  1. Another happy customer! Open for immediate work
  2. Ravenwood is looking for terraforming services on/off deed for orchard/tree farm. Please message me here or in game (SaltySwine) to meet up and discuss pricing and needs
  3. Work orders have been fullfilled! Available for immediate work
  4. Hi can you please add "Ravenwood" located here,3548 Thank you!
  5. Another happy customer delivered today! Lots of items in stock and ready for immediate delivery
  6. Bump! Many items in stock and ready for immediate delivery!
  7. Salty's Woodworks Hi and thanks for stopping by. Below are my services I currently offer. I look forward to crafting that special item for you. In game Name: SaltySwine Carpentry (80.46 Carp / 71.14 Fine Carp) All items are made with your chosen wood type unless stated otherwise (archwood excluded) Located in Cadence and delivery is available to anywhere in Cadence or coastline for a shipping and handling fee Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Improvement Cost: 0-60ql - FREE 70ql - 20c 80ql -50c Shipping and Handling fees: Within 3 Grids of S19 - FREE Between 4-6 Grids of S19 - 25c Between 7-9 Grids of S19 - 50c Greater than 10 Grids of S19 - 1s Other Isles (Coast Delivery) - 1.25s Other Isles (Inland) - 2s Current Rare's Available: Rare Ink Brush (Oakwood) - QL50.69 - 5s Storage: Crate Rack - 15c each Large Crate - 20c each (15c each on bulk) Small Crate - 10c each Larder (no snowballs) - 1s each Larder (with snowballs, if available) - 1.5s each Bulk Storage Bin - 15c each BSB Rack - 15c each Bulk Container Unit - 1.75s each Large Storage Unit - 1.5s each Small Wine Barrels - 50ql - 15c each Large Barrels - 15c each Small Barrel Rack - 10c each Small Barrels - 10c each Small Chest - 10c each Large Chest - 20c each Planter Rack - 15c each Misc Items (all items 50ql unless stated otherwise) Large Planter - 1s each Creature Cage - 1s each Chicken Coop - 50c each Empty Beehive -30c each (60QL - 45c each, QL 70 - 70c each) Active Beehive - 80c each (QL60 - 95c each, QL70 - 1.2s each) Noisy Beehive 1.3s each (QL60 - 1.45s each, QL70 - 1.7s each) Carpentry Tools (Grooming Brush, Mallet, Spindle, Spatula, Clay Shaper) All items Oakenwood unless asked 50QL - 20c each 60QL - 35c each 70QL - 50c each Fine Carpentry Tools (Cheese Drill, Fruit Press, Leggat, Small Bucket, Rope Tool) All items Oakenwood unless asked 50QL - 20c each 60QL - 35c each 70QL - 50c each Cartography Tools Ink Brush - 50QL - 20c each Range Pole 50QL - 50c each Cartography Table 50QL - 50c each Stamp Box - 50QL - 20c each Fishing Tools Fishing Rod Rack - 20c each Light Fishing Reel - 50QL - 20c each Medium Fishing Reel - 50QL - 20c each Wooden Fishing Hook - 5c each Fishing Pole - (WIllow Wood) - 10c each Fishing Rod - (Willow Wood) - 20c each Vehicles No archwoods at this time Wagon - QL50 - 2s each Creature Transporter - QL50 - 75c each Large Cart - QL50 - 80c each Furniture Creation QL unless otherwise stated Canopy Bed - 1.5s each Alchemist Cupboard - 1s each Wood Bench - 50c each Wardrobe - 50c each Royal Throne - Coming Soon! Large Bar Table - 50c each Bed - 50c each Armour Stand - 50c each Weapon Rack - 50c each Wooden Bench - 50c each Armchair - 30c each Cupboard - 30c each Empty High Bookshelf - 30c each High Bookshelf - 30c each Lounge Chair - 30c each Chair - 20c each Coffer - 20c each Empty Low Bookshelf - 20c each Fine High Chair - 20c each High Chair - 20c each Large Dining Table - 20c each Low Bookself - 20c each Pauper's High Chair - 20c each Round Table - 20c each Small Bedside Table - 20c each Small Square Table - 20c each Small Tripod Table - 20c each Stool - 20c each Bulk Kindling (1k) - 1.5s per qty Planks (1k) - 2s per qty Support Beams (100) - 7s per qty Wooden Beams (1k) - 5s per qty
  8. You are bidding on a 50.69 QL RARE oakenwood Ink brush Starting bid: 15 s Starting bid: 12 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: No Leave your In Game Name for C.O.D! Good Luck and happy bidding!