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  1. I can finally log into my Steam account . But is this thing possible or may be possible in the future?
  2. Amazing Stuff. A Question I have in mind ; How Are different items gone be imped Example a Marble Forge will need Marble Shards? or any type of Shards?.( Like in the concept of wooden items you can use any type of log to imp any carpentry stuff) Also another one Is the item determined by last Brick type attached? or it should be chosen from the start and can only be made via the same Brick type?
  3. The Cordage Rope And favorable items among gods (Yoyo & pottery bricks for vyn, Sheets for Fo & Locks for mag) the Formula is 0.25*(QL/10) . Butchered goods for Lib and usage of a non-favorable item like(Sheets for vynora or locks for Fo) formula is 0.15*(QL/10) . Note: Get Price will round the number to the nearest 0.
  4. Cant Give less for our top end Leather Worker .