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  1. New World

    I got this new world server going, still in progress at the moment. Its a very nice map (4k Tanglewood) that brash made some years ago and been doing some minor changes to it. So the server is located in New York, USA and the setup is slow process: 1x skill gain, 1x action, free deed, but the upkeep is enabled. I kept the population (mobs) down alittle and 30% aggressive, this will cut back down on the server usages. I doubt many will try it or even stick around, most will play for couple weeks then simply quit. So the server is locked at the moment, if you have any questions, feel free to ask or pm me. Forgot to mention that the world has four soul fall stones and the new players will randomly drop there and wont be any starting village. This will allow players to do whatever they please, as long dont harass or threaten other players. And this is going to be vanilla with no mods, you can setup your own pace. This the link the map made by brash, if you want to take a peek... Tanglewood 4096 medium-large map for any public or private server - Maps & Challenges - Wurm Online Forum
  2. Ah i see, i may stop by someday. I just made this alt last week or before that and got this little deed going. I could use some help on enchanting or if i decide to be a priest then improving. Trying to stick with one character only here. Using multi characters drive me nut, like having multi-personalities and i dont like it lol.
  3. Ah i see, noticed you mention part of roleplaying community there and wasnt sure if this linked with religious in the game. So basically its white lighter village. Been playing one of my alt atm and she is Black Lighter, wasnt sure if there any place for her to hang out.
  4. Farewell Old UI

    Not sure if this is related, but i have played on and off from Unlimited and noticed when i switch to desktop or the internet (wikipedia), the mouse pointer is off like an inch from the top position in the game. IE: i hit ESC to bring the menu, the mouse pointer isnt right on the spot, its like a inch below. Now i dont know if this is effecting Wurm Online, but i do get weird crashes. Mostly from UI sort items, doing random things. Or even move the window in vary places to lock it, this happen alot of crash if i goto player deeds or abandoned sites. But i never had any problem with Unlimited, just Online only.
  5. Yeah that crash is annoying, had that for the last couple of years. Glad you got it running better.
  6. How rude of you, i do whatever i please and just trying something else that is all
  7. Hmm isnt that Monestary should be spelled at Monastery? Not sure how other countries or cultures spell it back in those days.
  8. Yeah i manage to do that, but got the same thing like that screen shot i made up there. Its netgear router, a lady did try to help me from Netgear site. Only thing i cant figure out is that preventing me to login up there. Still trying, not giving up though. Just wish there a easier way to get around this, noticed alot of players or users been having these odd issues as well.
  9. Thank you, the problems is that when i use that routerlogin.net, its keeping me from access to that device or setup the router. So the proxy settings and firewall, etc. I tried change that, didnt work and not sure if the internet settings will do any good. But still messing with it and find out what keeping me from access to the router login.
  10. Funny that is opposite from what i am doing, i can see my server under LAN, but i cant see it under Internet list. Its weird, noticed every time i try relaunch, the numbers has been removed and i have to re enter them again.
  11. Hmm still didnt help, didnt explain much and trying to see what going on with the advanced settings. I think the problems is that i need to setup the router, but i cant figure out how to do that. I did tried using routerlogin.net, but wouldnt go through or been blocked. I checked the proxy settings, etc. cant seem to figure out the problem here. Something about port forwarding, etc.
  12. After setting up a server on my other rig, i only can see the server on the LAN tab. I couldnt find it on the Internet list and wasnt sure if there should be one there. If so, what is the problem? If showing on LAN, others wont be able to join that public server unless i given them IP address i believe. Can someone help me out here?
  13. Been doing some research, after checking in several websites to host your own world server. I am curious, would it make any different to run it from Steam as port forwarding to server list to public, than having a server rig pc that has windows server operation system. To do this as server rig, would cost me as much buying another pc. I have this slim case pc, not that great, but its i5cpu at 3GHz, upgrade it up to 16GB and typical hard drive. Wasnt sure if SSD would make a different. So let say i run a 4k map to public server listing on Steam. Would this pc manage? I dont want to waste more money to buy another rig and those hosting websites arent cheap either. Wasnt sure which would be suitable, as long the players help paying for it, but that a big IF there. Looking for a way to setup a custom map or someone map for long term wurm world server for public setup.
  14. Is this server coming down anytime soon? I didnt want to make a character and loses so much efforts, since its a very slow process in there. I finally gave up Wurm Online, just wasnt for me and the community is too toxic, no help supports and crash too much.