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  1. Not sure if i post this in the right place, playing on this server is missing hitching post model, all i get is ? on a bag laying on the ground. Is there a way around this?
  2. Thats too bad, hopefully someone will get into this and release it, as long its stable then i happy with it.
  3. Just curious which part of config should i change the tree distance? I saw Tree = 4, under PlayerFiles (console) and player's config as well, guess i need to change both, but i dont want to mess it up. Have anyone tried this yet? Also saw third person view on there too, set as fault. I would very much like to use it, but i cant find the keybind for it. So i should make one??
  4. Well i dont know how long this will last, many have left WO for good included myself. There are ton of games out there has crafting or similar to Wurm and games are coming out like flies. I do like this game, just lack of details and need some serious improvements. Hard to say how long this game gonna last, esp without getting any supports from them. Sadly i been seeing people come and go, some told me they just couldnt stick with it anymore as well lack of players to be around with. Hopefully we can get some nice more mods compare to WO or better.
  5. Well this one look interesting, too bad that old Emerald Expanse is falling apart and not quite what i am looking for and i have no ideas how long that one is gonna last. So i looked and found this one, though about giving this one a shot. Been looking for a new home to hang out. Gonna abort this one, pretty strict on rules and they wont let me keep my character name as it is. Beside the map size is too small, looking for 8k at least.
  6. @Hanel, if you bring up your character window, right click on your body, you can check your balance in the bank from there. Now the ping or lag problems, that can be many things. Check your ISP, what kinda connection you have, using a router and also depend on where you are located. I believe the server of this map is location on EST or East Coast of USA.
  7. This is an interesting server/world, gonna give this one a try. Sadly i wasnt happy how things are setup for WO, needed help over there and they refuse to help me. Curious, how long will this server go on for? Need any help to keep this running?
  8. I would very much like to know what their planning are for the future, dont want to spend more money into this, if this barely get anywhere. So are they lack of developers? or skills?? There are many things i like to see in the game and it does feel pretty old at the moment.