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  1. Huge thanks to everyone that pushes for representation(beyond cosmetic reasoning). I know what it's like to think mechanics-only(actually I am still am mechanics-over-art biased, but this here is not art-related) to try to be "apolitical" or "neutral", and it took plenty of free time to absorb the reality of the world, especially right now. To everyone trying to push away from this, first of all the whole "don't focus on this, focus on other things" is a response that should probably be held back just for the sake of being somewhat useless, otherwise every opposing "priority-ordering opinion" could just flood each-other's feature suggestions infinitely. Secondly, most importantly, some of you are being suspicious in your motivations, others(most, I hope) are surely trying to be neutral and logical-oriented, and reasonable. I appreciate this attempt, as if for progress, but it really isn't as neutral as you think. Taking a stance like this especially at a time in which there are a myraid of information sources for one to realize finally and clearly why there's a problem for these "so-called unbiased-defaults" for characters in video games - well, in this climate it's less accidental ignorance and more purposeful. The design decision for these defaults quite likely wasn't made in direct hostility at the time of implementation. I'd even go so far to say that any hidden bias or blissful ignorance in those days deserves some leeway - it simply was a time in which knowledge of these problems wasn't easy to find, and taking a stance was heavily not-the-norm sadly. That isn't the case anymore. The devs I'm not judging too much here, even now, but everyone here who is trying to put such effort against this decision is really telling. If you think you're being neutral, check your emotions, and educate yourself in contradicting opinions(even in the minefield of YouTube, stick to 2021-2022 though, embrace long videos). In the meantime, I wish some of you the most un-fun PvP invasions, which I will gladly be a part of. Fairly and by the rules, but certainly an event worth happening. Change isn't always peaceful.