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  1. It looks like there are rites already planned for the next three weeks and there was a mag rite cast 6 days ago. Libila Ritual - March 7th Mag Ritual - March 13th Vynora Ritual - March 20th
  2. The slaying is right next to the market. The deed he is referencing is called "Goblin Leader Job Fair" on the highway and is about here at: https://cadence.yaga.host/#1988,2884
  3. The update appears to have messed up the graphics for the runes. They were beautiful and would hate for them to get lost. Good Rune Graphics Bad Rune Graphics
  4. You can send it over to Talios. Thank you!
  5. Wooo! Thank you!! Can swing down that way anytime.
  6. The wife and I need the journal entry and will be available. Just let me know. Solinar - 94 Faith / 70 Channel Liadrael - 87 Faith / 50 Channel