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  1. Just wanted to motivate for disscussion and small event
  2. New maps i think are not great idea with current not really huge playerbase
  3. Darnok you have nice idea but also too much doesnt means better, tons and tons of work but yeah its all about things I would love to see much more designs, characters and such but im worried that with code and not enough peoples that works on wurm it would be something enough big like a new game creation
  4. @TheTricksterwho say about classes its about skill bonuses like you get from affinity or food @kochinacevery game is good to implement some changes @Madnath again who says about classes its all about better bonuses and skill gains or debuffs same like you get from food and other things @Etherdrifterdo you go hunting or you do rift sometimes ? It would be optional like this @Ekcinrespect for the opinion but why you wouldnt appreciate things that would be implemented but would be optional for you ? Thanks for opinions!! : D
  5. @Darnok It can be disscused: What changed : no pvp on pve - soo you can be now 100 percent sure that there will be only that on pvp races and classes are different things but also its about LOOK and things that some players would love to have and some wont. Wurm is unique but if you will Play human nothing will be really changed for you and monster play will bring more money for dev pockets and also maybe will catch some more new players to try and build something bigger, Also for me: Low optional pvp on freedom would be nice thing for peoples that want it they could join for peoples that doesnt want it they stay where they are... But your choice and I understand it. Anyway suggestion went forward to be disscused inside the developer team already and they will look is it possible and also how they see it. If you guys want to keep the game like it is for you it will still be the same game, all of those options that I wrote here are optional (the race change, buffs) for new players that like the idea and would want to play something else than human especially that stage of implementing new player model to goblin and troll shouldnt be that hard becourse we already have rigged models in game one lack can be the lack in some animations. I understand how you see it but for me thinking and blocking something that some of you wont use and doesnt have inpact on you is like another level on my mind. Anyway if it will be needed I will pay for this project with my own pocket and make it for closed group of peoples to not interupt your game. trolls and goblins may have also another one island at northern isles who knows or maybe it will even not be able to make it in game becourse code.
  6. @Skatynait's nice sarcasm but I don't get it why not to let people be the creature that they want to be? Goblins, Trolls - they are in lore and they are not Gods but monsterous some kind of humanoid creatures with brains @DaletheGoodIf you like how it looks thanks for opinion
  7. @DarnokI like the ideas you gave here also yes that would be fun too, trolls also could ride champion wolves or bears I think they are enough big. Waiting for more of your ideas
  8. @KeenanI send you private message about my idea please answer if you will have time

  9. @EnkiI send you private message about my idea please answer if you will have time

  10. Wurm Online Monster play suggestion Hello, There is my suggestion of great thing what we could do to expand, make our life more rich on Freedom Islands, Northern and also Southern.... I'm Thinking about to add Trolls and Goblins as race that is playable let me show how I see it and how would it look a like. There was a lot of fights on pvp islands but now pvp seems dead soo... I get the idea of small rework that can change everything with low amount of work and also add something special to the game, Soo: 1. We Have Freedom Islands Kingdom - Humans 2. Horde of Forest Giant - Trolls and Goblins 1. Statistics and skills a) Trolls would be a players that will play some time as Goblin and then will be able to rise self to become a Troll LEGEND : T FOR TROLLS - G FOR GOBLINS Aggressive fighting +10% for Trolls +5% for Goblins Alchemy - Avaiable only for Troll or Goblin Shamans Animal husbandry - UNavailable Animal taming UNavailable - only dominating and for Troll or Goblin Shaman Archaeology - They didn't know what it is Archery available only for Goblins and short, medium bows Armour smithing - Trolls can ,,smith'' only Wooden armor and 2 parts of iron Axe - stays normal Axes - stays normal B Baking - debuff -30% Beverages -debuff - 15% Blacksmithing - debuff -10% Blades smithing -debuff -10% Botanizing buff+25% for goblins -5% for Trolls Bowyery available only for goblins Butchering available only for trolls +5% Butchering knife - debuff -10% Butchering knife (skill) C Carpentry Stays normal. Carving knife available only for goblins Carving knife (skill) Chain armour smithing - unavailable Channeling Only for Goblin/Trolls Shamans Climbing +15% bonus for Trolls -5% for Goblins Cloth tailoring - They Can make some clothes Clubs - +30 buff for Trolls and +10 for Goblins Coal-making - Horde Burns! +15% - but have no use becourse they are not enough inteligent to make steel Cooking +15% for Goblins +5 for Trolls D Dairy food making - unavailable Defensive fighting -available with debuff -15% Digging +30% for trolls +15 for Goblins E Exorcism available only for Troll/Goblin Shamans F Farming UNavailable they can only use foraging and botanizing Fighting +15% buff for Trolls +5 for Goblins Fine carpentry available only for goblins but not on human lvl Firemaking +15% for Trolls +10% for Goblins First aid available only for Troll or Goblin shamans Fishing available only for goblins Fletching available only for goblins Foraging - +25% for Goblins +10% For Trolls Forestry +40% for Trolls, - 15% for Goblins G Gardening only for Goblin/Troll Shamans H Hammer normal Hammers normal Hatchet normal Healing available for Shamans Hot food cooking +15% for Goblins +5% for Trolls Huge axe - unavailable Huge club - +30% skill gain for Trolls normal for Goblins J Jewelry smithing only for goblins K Knives only for goblins L Large maul only for trolls Large metal shield unavailable Large wooden shield unavailable Leatherworking available Lockpicking available for goblins Locksmithing available for goblins Longsword unavailable M Masonry +20% for Trolls Maul normal Mauls normal Meditating unavailable Meditating answers unavailable Medium metal shield unavailable Medium wooden shield unavailable Metallurgy unavailable Milking unavailable Milling unavailable Mining +30% for Trolls, -15% for Goblins Miscellaneous items normal N Natural substances Only for Goblin/Troll Shamans Nature +15% Normal fighting normal P Papyrusmaking unavailable Paving unavailable only packing Pickaxe +15% for Trolls Plate armour smithing -15% ql debuff and only some parts avaiable Polearms unavailable Pottery only goblins Prayer normal Preaching normal Prospecting normal Puppeteering unavailable R Rake -noneed Repairing normal Restoration unavailable Ropemaking normal S Saw -10% for Trolls +15 for Goblins Scythe normal Shield bashing unavailable Shield smithing unavailable Shields unavailable Ship building not such as humans Short sword onlygoblins Shortsword goblins Shortsword (skill) goblins Shovel +15% for Trolls -10% for Goblins Sickle -10% for Trolls +20 for goblins Small axe goblins Small catapult goblins Small maul goblins Small maul (skill) goblins Small metal shield unavailable Small wooden shield unavailable Smithing goblins and trolls with debuff -15% Stealing +30% for Goblins -30 for Trolls Stone chisel normal rises Stone cutting +5% for trolls Swords goblins T Tailoring not such advanced as humans Taunting +60% Trolls +10% goblins (skillgains) Thatching unavailable Thievery +30% goblins -10% trolls Tortoise shield goblins and trolls Toy making unavailable Toys unavailable Tracking +15% trolls +10% goblins Traps normal Trebuchet normal Two handed sword unavailable Two handed sword (skill) unavailable W War machines +15% trolls, normal goblins Warhammer goblins Weapon heads smithing goblins Weapon smithing goblins Weaponless fighting +200% Trolls -50%goblins Woodcutting +15% trolls -20% goblins OF course we can change it or make it normal.... But how Goblins and Trolls will build houses? They Won't do it they will have premade models like we have tents but their models will be placeable and will look just more designed for their race Those 2 races will not be able to life with efficient without selfes Trolls and Goblins will be together, they will use mostly wooden/lether armors and more advanced richer trolls will be able to have some really much weight parts on self but not full armor Tools will be mostly made using stone with different bonuses by using slate,marble or rift woods... The main weapons will be clubs or part of trees eventualy some later designed weapons... Trading: They wont be able to trade with silvers, only item for item, also players who will want to play the monster will need to pay 5.99euros for transformation, he will get his skills 20% lower and also will not be able to learn silvers by trading and earning them will be hard soo you will need to be ready to pay from your own pocket for monthly sub The only way to earn silvers will be.... SIEGES: Once a week there will be radomly choosen human city that will have to prepare for a siege of player trolls - if trolls will win they get the silvers... There will not be able to lose ITEMS for freedoom islands there will be only big item damage after death and also some statistic lose on both sides Faith: Humans have 3 gods Horde have 1 - Forest Giant - They will have shamans, human have priests GOBLINS TROLLS You see we already have models for Goblins and Trolls the method of making it come true seems easy Imagine that if you will leave like and comment you will make possibility to play as one of that two races, you will be able to create new style of ,,villages'' as someone else, smaller or bigger and also a Monster, gameplay will be more hardcore You will see humans everyday and whos can be your enemy and destroy your inventory items just by killing you, you will have to grow a enough big horde village to defend self from lot's of populations that humans are HORDE DEED Guards: Guards will be like in human version but there will be just ,,troll guards'' - starting goblins will need to know how to defend selfes right? They will need to create a tower but... it will look like catastrophy Token: A nice looking big tooth maybe of mammoth? And much more!!! LEAVE A LIKE AND COMMENT you will have a chance to win 3silvers at the end of the week! 23.10.2021
  11. Devs have nothing about selling silvers or account before but now its about steam rules soo they cant change it, they would need to make skill buy option for pvp or something but wouldnt it be p2w?
  12. I made model for it soo Dev's would only need too add it in different sizes of course it's 5 min model soo nothing special but you thought about something like this? let me know...