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  1. This place is amazing and worth the trip. She has the absolute best animals! Always friendly and always helpful. tyvm!
  2. This guy is the best. Nobody has pizza like him. Highly recommended.
  3. Update: ty it's fixed.
  4. I also should add this happens on all of my accounts with different clients. It's crates inside the crate racks or the BSB racks with the boxes / BSB's in them.
  5. All my crates with items in them the icons are gone. When I take the item out I can see it, when I put them back in the crates I can not. Suggestions
  6. Ya slowed down my 5 speed hell horses. They ran, now they crawl. Not a happy camper
  7. Hey ya. Need your highest Metal brush and stone chisel. Send it to Breezzy! ty!
  8. Hi again. Would you please send me some more blue dye. I'm needed about 10 kg worth. Send it to Breezzy. Love your dyes.
  9. Can I have 20kg more of the red. I guess I was way under what I thought I needed. lol Send it COD to Breezzy! Thank you. Don't you ever leave us!
  10. Hello, I have bought horses from you many times. I bought 3 this time and one of the keys will not work. To pen number 85. I'm from CAD. So please get back to me asap so I can come back and get her. Thanks. Breezzy
  11. Hi ya! I would like to order 20kg of red dye. please COD me Breezzy. TY!
  12. Alliances are dropping as players drop and it leaves lack of communication with others. I just don't see why there can't be 1 or 2 alliances for each server. North / South. We may not live right close, but you can always plan helping each other or events. IDK, trying to think of ways to come together, those that are left.
  13. (2178, 1304) - OakHeart Deed. Thank you (Fyi 2127, 1485) Tanarts place is gone) ty
  14. 6s supreme mallet . Not sure where you're located for pickup items like a forge ?
  15. AUCTION FOR MANY ITEMS INCLUDING A SUPREME GRINDSTONE! Defenders of the North Market and the Ranch You get: 1 Supreme 48ql grindstone 1 adamantine lump 91ql 0.37 3 rift crystals 41ql 0.75 2 Rift woods 47ql 50 3 rift shards 47ql 75 24 hr auction starting time 12pm Mnt - Ending 12pm Mnt time starting bid only 13s Sniper Protection: 1hr