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  1. Looks great. Just to give you an update and for all the people that will be attending this fantastic event, there is now a shortcut. Tunnel is done.,1501 and,1579 All boat sizes.
  2. Hi there, there is a new tunnel going to the sea from this point...,1501 All boats can go through it. Tunnel is called Breezeway Tunnel
  3. My Vy will be there tyvm!
  4. Which is fine if it was a prem player and not a 1x1 shed with nothing else.
  5. Ya know, I've just kind of given up. The one wall just hit 60 after about 4-5 months, heck idk. It moves about 1 a day. I'm looking at 40 more days for this thing to fall and me be able to make a full deed instead of two. It's bugged or something. Losing money sitting there. but hey
  6. mine then is bugged and never going to go away. 1x1 slowly rotting on my perimeter making me unable to expand.
  7. My Towers state F-9 and G-9 when I moved here. So the middle would be 219.478
  8. Hi there. On the west coast, The Cove / Dunsels Wharf and Ayesleigh are now gone. Instead, Emerald Shores (my deed) has replaced them.
  9. Well still there and only at 48 percent damage now. sigh