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  1. Located at G-9 on Melody, right on the water. Just go into the Gold mine door for pick up! Delivery is extra depending on location. Work in progress, more to come! Products Ovens Regular stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Forges Regular Stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Smelters RARE RENDERED 90QL - 15s Regular Stone 90ql - 3s Kiln Rendered 90ql - 2s Kits Guard tower - (500clay, 500bricks 100planks) -2s Colossus - (2000 clay, 2000 colossus bricks) 6s C.R.A.P. 1000 51.25ql Woad - 1s (with bsb) 1.5s Activated strange devices - Turrets (Fire/Frost) - 1s Creature Cages 50ql 1.5s Long bow, Willow 47ql with 68c - 50c Small copper braziers - 30ql - 1s Waystones 20ql or higher - 50c Carving knife iron (skiller) 33ql 84c - 1s Hammers iron 70ql with 57-59c - 30c 82ql whetstone 71c - 50c 82ql whetstone 51c - 30c 70ql rake iron 80c - 80c 35ql butchering knife iron 81c - 80c Brown bear helm, 89.80ql -70c Pickaxe iron 70ql 66STS, 41c - 70c Pickaxe iron 60ql 61c - 50c Pickaxe iron 60ql 65c - 50c Shovel 70ql 62c - 50c Stone Chisel iron 70ql 47w 45c - 50c Demon Helms - iron 69 & 70ql - 1s each More to come...
  2. Just want to say that I got exactly what I asked for! An amazing well casted weapon. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.
  3. I got one because I decided after all this time with the large axe, I wanted a change. Fast delivery and it is an awesome shield. Thank you so much!
  4. Abandoned meaning, nobody has been near it in over 2 months. It' is only still at 35 percent damage. I reached out to everyone, forums, everywhere. It's on my perimeter and stopping me from expansion that I need. It is literally 1x1.
  5. holy cow that is nice. I just put in an order for one! It's not rare tho. Well done my friend!
  6. I think this process needs to be sped up. If this person even came back he couldn't deed it, fix it, or anything else. It's super annoying, It's an area that I could use for animals.
  7. Have a 1x1 shed between my two deeds on my perimeter that has been abandoned. I've been there almost 2 months and it is at only 30 percent damage. I want to put my deeds together into one large deed. This is entirely too slow! I've advertised for the owner if still playing to take it down for silver. He/she has never been back. Being it's only 1x1 it is a starter, left behind shed. I've made a forum post. I've done everything possible to find said person if he/she still plays. Because this is rotting too slow, I have to wait, from my calculations up to 6 months to make a full deed? This is much too long.
  8. When you have time please mail me 3 - 80ql logs. Thanks
  9. Another great imped weapon! Fast service, within mins. Amazing!! Highly recommended!