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  1. This is a good idea. However, I would rather see some sort of contract system set up where players could get paid for making deliveries to different servers. This would give players another option for income and career. Merchant ships were a much used resource in early times and a contract system, other than the "trust factor", would make this an entertaining addition to Wurm.
  2. WurmNode

    Great! Thank you
  3. WurmNode

    Could you add a time zone to upcoming rift please? Thank you
  4. Back in full production, 15k/week. Updated stock shortly.
  5. I live on Melody and I love doing treasure maps on a small server. Travel time from point A to B is decreased, if there is a road system or secret "shortcuts". Fewer guard towers and abandoned deeds to learn. The downside of Melody is a very poor road system, a lot of wild, tough terrain and many mobs to fight. Many clues take you to mountain tops that if not careful you either fall and die or get trapped by the hordes of mobs on Melody. The only way Melody maps work is if you are doing multiple maps at once, since some map locations are nothing short of brutal. So I guess you can either do maps on Melody, get hopelessly lost for hours (happens a lot), possibly killed, but travel less distance or have a larger server like Cad that is developed with good roads, less mobs, flatter terrain, but travel further. Pick your poison.
  6. This is very annoying, especially coming home after 3-4 days of treasure hunting and a satchel full of chips.
  7. Steam and a little luck
  8. Busy day of deliveries, stock updated.