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  1. Spawn rate is fine, just stay away from Cad.
  2. It sounds like a lovely idea! I have can't say if anyone would show up, but SFI is supposed to have much nicer players than NFI. As long as you get satisfaction and pleasure from creating something like this, in the end I think that is what really matters. Take lots of screenshots of your progress and players may become interested. There is also the philosophy "build it and they will come". I have also considered something like this as part of my deed for visitors to Melody, but I always have trouble figuring out perms.
  3. Please allow groups of deposit chips to be deposited at one time rather than the click fest of depositing chips one at a time.
  4. Totally agree with this, especially with new players that build their own low quality boat instead of buying a high ql one. I am still traumatized from travelling 6km/h in a low quality Corbita as a new player. Wouldn't mind seeing a sailing skill and navigation skill to increase boat speed. Thoughts?
  5. Allow sailboats to carry a small amount of crates, even limited to only small crates. I am thinking like 5 small crates or 2 large crates, which would be very useful for newer players, but not game breaking.
  6. I have about 120 planters underground on Melody, some have taken slight damage (3%-10%) and some have not taken any damage. These planters are used regularly and are about 1 year old. Deed has plenty of upkeep. Thanks for the heads up, had no idea planters took damage on deed!
  7. Dargol is amazing! Sent my supreme hammer for casts and it came back with CoC 104, WoA 104. Thanks for the great, quick service! 😁