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  1. Shameless bump. 2021 updates fellas?
  2. Found my answers through wurm discord with the help of "secrets" (discord username) Feel free to lock this topic, thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for information on what would exactly happen to my skills if I transfer from the Epic cluster (serenity) to the freedom cluster. I've heard that most skills would take a hit and be reduced, at what rate would this be? I'm assuming I can come back to Epic with my old skills still intact if ever I chose to change my mind, and that the transfer is a "one time" thing. Any clarifications would greatly be appreciated, feel free to lock the thread and link another one if this was already explained as I failed to find anything.
  4. Hello everyone, We are a democratic deed. We are a deed aimed mainly for returning players as we are weary for spies. However we are more than happy to help newbies around setting up their houses outside the perimeter, as well as supply what they need to setup such as food, seeds, materials, gear, etc. Our current mayor is "Scooter", who is also the grand prince of Jenn-kellon. We have a couple of villagers, always willing to help out. Everyone is welcome to do their part, but in no means is anyone forced to do any specific work. Everyone Wurms at will here! Our area has a rich history where many players have once played Wurm. An area that has been refounded multiple times on the same tile, including this time around. We hope to see you in great numbers, and happy Wurming! We hope to see you in great numbers, and hopefully see a little spark that turns into the fire that once was the Epic cluster. o/ -Thecati