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  1. Thanks brattygirl it's a really nice offer I just don't have a place for it - I'm a returning player back for a limited visit and no deed.
  2. It's been 8 years since he logged in, not likely to return.
  3. I remember Moss, amazing that it still survives. It would be from 2008 and created on either JK or more likely MR home. I'm not familiar with the RMT sellout, what is that?
  4. Happened again, this time on Exodus. Traitor mission complete and no rewards. The mission disappeared from the mission toolbar and no new Vynora mission appeared and no "attention of" message appeared. This time I was right next to it and killed it with melee weapon. Event [10:10:21] You target the mature Bull (traitor). [10:10:23] You feel the presence of Libila. [10:10:32] You stop attacking. [10:10:32] The mature Bull (traitor) is dead. R.I.P. Combat [10:10:21] You try to cut mature Bull (traitor). [10:10:27] You cut mature Bull (traitor) deadly hard in the left hoof and damage it. [10:10:28] The attack to the right underarm glances off your armour. [10:10:32] You cut mature Bull (traitor) deadly hard in the chest and damage it.
  5. and no new Fo mission appeared
  6. Character Meerpossum on Xanadu killed traitor champ anaconda and the mission immediately disappeared from the mission progress toolbar but no "attention of" message and no rewards received. Please validate and apply the rewards. All the damage to the traitor was done with a long bow and hunting arrows and I was about 20-25 tiles at the bottom of a mountain shooting up at it.