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  1. Detailed View: Back up for bidding at a much reduced starting bid, plenty of grist for the channelling grind. Make the most of the skill-gain bonus while it lasts! As before, gems will be mailed to auction winner free of any additional charge. Starting Bid: 8s Minimum Increment: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 14s Sniper Protection: 15 minutes
  2. Congrats to Pantha, pumpkin CoD'd
  3. Not your garden variety pumpkin, this squash shimmers spookily and will make a fine addition to any discerning Wurmian's Hallowe'en-themed décor. Opening Bid: 5c Minimum Raise: 5c Buyout: Nuh-uh Sniper Protection: 10 minutes
  4. Auction now in sniper protection (+15 minutes after last bid and any further valid bid).
  5. Opening bid still available - less than 1c/1ql
  6. Detailed View: Gems will be delivered by mail (I pay postage). Starting Bid: 45s Minimum Raise: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 15min
  7. Since I've been mentioned several times by name, I feel I should chime in. This looks like an unfortunate misunderstanding. My pizza combo deal may have created certain expectations about how random slices are sold. But as far as I know, my random combo offer – guaranteed different affinities in each batch of 5 or 10 – is unique on the market (sorry for the surreptitious self-promotion). I wouldn't personally expect sellers' random slices to give different affinities unless they have explicitly said they will. Anyway, for the sake of smoothing over this apparent communication SNAFU, I'd be happy to send @Kaykumu 5 slices from my latest batch, free of charge. Just let me know, here or in-game!
  8. Auction now over - thank you to all who bid and congratulations to the winners! Silver will now be mailed and arrangements made by PM for collection/delivery of other lots.
  9. Oops, looks like that I failed to click save for that one. Fixed it now
  10. Auction now under sniper protection and will end 30 minutes after the last bid. Any further valid bid will extend auction to 30 minutes after that bid.
  11. Current Bids: Lot Bid Player A 12s gnomegates B 13s PromisedOne C 1s50c Baeowulf D 2s25c Baeowulf E 8s50c Baeowulf F 1.5s Tukodama G 2s Tukodama H 3.5s Tukodama
  12. Lot A - 10k 50ql Clay Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Raise: 50c Lot B - 10k 50ql Iron Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Raise: 50c Lot C - 1k 71ql Iron Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Raise: 25c Lot D - 1k 81ql Iron Starting Bid: 1s50c Minimum Raise: 25c Lot E - 1k 91ql Iron Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Raise: 25c Lot F - 300 lumps 71ql Silver Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Raise: 25c Lot G - 300 lumps 81ql Silver Starting Bid: 1s50c Minimum Raise: 25c Lot H - 300 lumps 91ql Silver Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Raise: 25c All Lots: Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30min Please place bids according to lot letters. Silver lots will be sent to winners by mail as combined 30kg (300 x 0.10kg) lumps free of charge. All other lots can be collected from Melody h/i21. Free outer coast delivery to auction winners paying more than 10s in total.
  13. Phew, after a marathon extension, the auction is now over – thank you to everyone who bid! Items will now be mailed to the winning bidders.
  14. Every item. It would be a nightmare to track each item individually
  15. Auction is now in sniper protection. It will end one hour after the last bid. Further valid bids will extend the auction to one hour after time of bidding.
  16. Bids were retracted by PM on the following lots: D J Z AC AM AW Bids have reverted to the previous top bidders. Check them out!
  17. Thanks for the bids everyone But... Please do not give bids as increments. Your bid is the exact final amount you are willing to pay – no plus signs Otherwise I can't be sure you know how much you are bidding.