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  1. Heads-up: This still does not seem to be triggering immediately. I just completed a chess set a few minutes ago and it triggered immediately in the Hunting for Treasure tier but not the Road Less Travelled tier. In the latter, it triggered only after relogging for /lotime.
  2. Really? Couldn't find one when I looked, and a CA told me there wasn't one when I asked in game. Any hint on where to find it ? Edit: Ah, you must be thinking of 'Outline Hovered Items in Lists'. If you read my suggestion again (or test this option yourself), you'll realize that's not what this is about.
  3. I've just switched to the new(?) UI in order to enjoy the exploration update, and one difference I notice is the info boxes that pop up whenever the mouse pointer hovers over an item listed in inventory or some other container. These boxes can be annoying, as the information they contain is often redundant and they obscure other items in the container. Suggestion: Add a checkbox in settings that allows us to disable info boxes from appearing when hovering over items listed in inventory or containers.
  4. plz close

    Thanks! Yes, please CoD to Caolon
  5. Fishing is like most activities in Wurm: skill level matters. At low skill, trying to rod fish (especially using higher-tier reels) will produce the same result as trying to imp a 70-ql pickaxe with 30 blacksmithing or trying to build a caravel with 30 shipbuilding: you will repeatedly fail and get nowhere. Don't try to run before you can walk, as they say. Is there a reason to pursue fishing to rod-feasible levels? Absolutely. You can very quickly reel in truly silly amounts of meat (whole fish or fish fillets) once you know what you are doing and have optimized your setup. And it takes little active attention, so you can easily fish in one window while doing something else in another. Plus, aside from being a source of fodder for panfilling, some fishies have interesting properties that are useful to chefs. Then there's the subjective matter of enjoyment; rod fishing imho can be a meditative, chill way of passing the time (on a related note, maybe there could be a 'throw back into the water' option?). Those reasons might not be compelling to every player, but nor should they be. Such is Wurm; to each their own.
  6. For mission 'Magranon commands you to create 40 altars', I made wooden, metal (silver), and masonry (stone, marble) altars but only wooden altars counted towards the mission. The mission description does not specify this requirement.
  7. The current implementation of caffeine broadens what it means to optimize skill gain. Now, you can optimize skill gained per unit of grind time (option 1 - using caffeine), or skill gained per unit of sleep bonus (option 2 - without caffeine). Players whose bottleneck is playtime (i.e. they have abundant sleep bonus) or who don't relish the grind will choose option 1. Players whose bottleneck is sleep bonus (i.e. they have abundant playtime) and don't mind the grind will choose option 2. It seems odd to frame this as penalization. No one is forcing anyone to optimize one way or the other. It is a choice. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, which is the essence of a balanced game that caters to different play styles. Also, as has been mentioned, there are situations where even time-rich min-maxers may choose to grind with caffeine. Think resource-limited grinds like woodcutting, cooking, charcoal making, butchering – heck, just about anything depending on the given player's particular circumstances at the time.
  8. As in the title. Chain shoulder pads that have never left player inventory were equipped. Had 0 dmg when equipped. While equipped, they gradually rose to 1.7 dmg during combat (seen at 0.4, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.7 dmg). No other pads I've used have taken dmg this way and I can't see any reason why these should. The wiki entry only mentions dmg taken when outside player/merchant inventory, magical chest, and mail system. Edit: Worth noting, this dmg (from 0 to 1.7) was taken over a period of about 30-60 min, only some of which was spent in actual combat.
  9. Auction closed! Winners, please make sure I know the in-game name you want your item(s) CoD'd to, and thank you to everyone who bid.
  10. Item Bidder Bid 1a hatchet Kardlef 1s50c 1b knife Tukodama 10c 1c pickaxe Lolens 10c 1d rake Tukodama 10c 1e saw Kardlef 1s50c 1f shovel Lolens 10c 1g small anvil Kardlef 50c 1h stone chisel Tukodama 10c 1i trowel Kardlef 1s50c 2a hatchet Annuile 50c 2b knife Tukodama 60c 2c pickaxe Annuile 50c 2d saw Tukodama 60c 2e shovel Annuile 50c 2f small anvil Lolens 60c 2g stone chisel Tukodama 60c 2h trowel Annuile 50c 3a hatchet Nitrofied 7s 3b knife gnomegates 5s 3c pickaxe gnomegates 5s 3d rake gnomegates 5s 3e saw Morbidae 1s 3f shovel ShaunChadwick 1s 3g small anvil gnomegates 5s 3h stone chisel Morbidae 1s 3i trowel Tukodama 1s
  11. Get 'em cheap, get 'em fast! Up for auction are some zippy and durable steel tools enchanted with Blessings of the Dark for enhanced speed and skill gain, at a range of quality and cast levels to suit all players and all wallets. Bids are for each item separately. Place as many bids as you wish using the red number/letter tags in the images or by specifying item and tier. Items will be sent CoD to winners, so please include your in-game name with bids. For the current bids to beat, see first post below. First Tier Starting Bid (Per Item): 10c Minimum Raise (Per Item): 5c Mid Tier Starting Bid (Per Item): 50c Minimum Raise (Per Item): 10c Top Tier Starting Bid (Per Item): 1s Minimum Raise (Per Item): 25c Reserve: None Private Bids: Not Accepted Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 15 min
  12. Personally, I would be just as happy under the proposed changes or the current system but with full water bar sipping enabled. So I'll simply make the following point: If the changes go ahead, the new system shouldn't be called 'intoxication'. Despite appearances, this word is actually a synonym for 'drunk'; it refers to substance-induced altered mental states rather than any toxic build-up. So using it here makes for messy, potentially confusing terminology, especially as the caffeine system interacts with the alcohol system. A good alternative might be to call it 'caffeine tolerance', which seems both more accurate and less harsh-sounding.
  13. Events log: [21:42:47] The unfermented moonshine tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious! It also seems not at all nutritional. [21:42:47] You think the unfermented moonshine might give you more of an insight about milling! [21:42:49] The unfermented moonshine tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious! [21:42:49] You are tipsy. [21:42:49] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about milling! To reproduce, make unfermented moonshine and drink (starting completely sober). Potentially relevant: it was 99.05ql, made using a rare cauldron, out of raw pumpkin, sugar, water. I assume this is a bug, because (a) there's no alcohol without fermentation and (b), from a gameplay perspective, why bother fermenting and distilling it?