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  1. I crash to screen every 5-60 minutes. I have not once gotten a console.log file. I have tried enabling Debug Mode, still no log. All I get are the hs_err_pid(numbers) logs. Specs: i9 10900K @3.7 GHz RTX 2060 6gb 64gb RAM Video card drivers are up to date. Tried installing newest JRE, even though Wurm downloads it on its own. After that crashed consistently for a day, tried uninstalling it. Tried reinstalling Wurm. Tried verifying Steam files. Tried verifying Wurm packages through launcher. Have tried disabling GLSL Support and FBO support, both together and separately. Have tried setting VBO support to Extension, with other settings both Core and Disabled. Have tried disabling all sounds individually. Have tried both OpenAL and Software sound engines. Have tried disabling sound completely. Have tried disabling Ambient Occlusion. Have tried contribution culling and low dynamic light limit. Have tried graphics set to minimum and to maximum. Have tried on 1440 monitor @144Hz, have tried on 1080 monitor @60Hz. Most recent hs_err_pid.... files: Do not know if this is the 'crash log', but I found a console.<character_name> file. Here it is after recent crash: Thank you for your time. I really hope to hear from you soon, as I love this game and would love to be able to play properly.
  2. Character log: I am getting dced every 5-60 minutes. Brand new pc, playing through Steam. i9 10900K @3.7GHz 64gb RAM rtx2060 6gb Have tried toggling all of the different graphical settings. Verified all files both through Steam and Wurm Launcher. Tried enabling expiremental files. Tried installing JRE 64bit, then uninstalling it. Updated graphics drivers. Only Java crashes, hs_err_pid... No other crash logs. Thanks for your time.