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  1. Ill like to get the Unfinished rare forge plz. -Wickid
  2. Auctioning this Rare Rosewood Wagon 92QL with the Zinc rune of Mag, increasing the size 5% and increases the speed of wagon 5%. See below of the traits and drafts and more info of the Bison that comes with and 12 Lrg crates. [22:31:14] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from rosewood. You must use a mallet on the wagon in order to improve it. Ql: 92.43446, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Imashinu, has been etched in the stern. [22:31:14] A zinc rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Improved By Motec Rune created and attached by Coachtwotrio Created by Imashinu Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  3. Very good service, Imped my rare trowl up to 91QL and also had a pleasant chat while doing so. Highly recommended Thank you again for the services!
  4. [22:36:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. Ok let me get that taken care of and Ill COD it to you Thank you. Imm PM you the delivery as well
  6. CONGRATS Jornicus! You have won the Auction with 55s. What Demise would you like on the Staff? After I get it done, What name is your Toon so I can COD it to you.
  7. @WineisFinebutWhiskeyStill waiting for your in-game name so I can COD your winning.