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  1. Deeds- 1710,2768 is Dountes's Landing. 1796,2772 Enlightened Harbor. HWY- 1888,2789 - 1790,2788 1790,2788 - 1789,2778 1789.2778 - 1776,2778 1776,2778 - 1776,2782 Hwy Bridge named and a memorial for Chaosmeow named (In Memory of Chaosmeow) 1776,2782 - 1734,2782 Hwy continuing 1734,2782 - 1709,2780 1709,2780 - 1709,2741 Tunnel HWY is 1881, 2789 - 1817,2789 Thank you! hope it isnt to confusing.
  2. Sad News

    It pains me to know that Ill never see her online anymore as she is normally the first person I PM to see what she got her self into that day with it may be a project or traveling to find animals to bring back, as she will never be forgotten. She was such a wonderful friend towards me and shared quiet a good bit of laughs thru in-game. She is truely a amazing person and I am greatful to have known her thru the times on Wurm and random convos withen the game. She was and always has been the first to jump and help someone in need or with a allience project. There will never be a day that you wont cross my mind, especuially when I go past Defiance Hill Farms as I always say when I go by when you are in local "Its just me, passing thru o/". My thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends thru these hard times losing such a AMAZING person with heart of GOLD!
  3. Did a Awesome job fufilling a huge order on the same day, highly recommended for sure. 62 small braziers and imped. Thank you!
  4. Retracted first bid, didn't see starting bid. 15s.
  5. Ill like to get the Unfinished rare forge plz. -Wickid