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  1. Close Plz

    Starting bid: 1g 28s Increment (minimum): 2s Reserve: No Buyout: 1g 90s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted I have 0.64 Green dragon scales all combined at 83.4QL. I am willing to offer up in a Auction at a starting price of 2s per .01 Can COD to Winner, Happy Bidding!
  2. Will the blood still be available as loot?
  3. 13s, Mmmmm I can taste them already
  4. Looking to buy Libila Statue Fragments, COD what you have to Wickid plz. 50c each. Paying well. Even if they pieces are put together, still will pay for each frag together as well.
  5. TY! and can you pm me in game as well plz?
  6. So does that mean its actually over now?
  7. Ok nvm read on it, didnt realize even after the auction was closed the sniper pro keeps it going till there isnt a bid a hr. 14s