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  1. You and 99% of the playerbase. This clown is the first and only customer who doesn't know the difference between random and different.
  2. Please learn what the difference between "RANDOM" and "DIFFERENT" mean. "Random affinity" is not the same as "Different affinity". I don't advertise my CCFP food as "different affinity". I never have. I advertise them as "random affinity". Random affinity is not the same as different affinity. I'm insulting you because you clearly refuse to learn the difference which, at this point, makes me believe that you're doing all of this on purpose. Piss off and stop writing in my merch post. You're just being a clown that I don't really want to deal with in any way, shape or form. And no, I'm not planning on apologizing for the fact that you don't know the difference between "different affinities" and "random affinities" (which is not really the main problem) and refuse to learn it (which most certainly is the main problem).
  3. I'd argue that's either a lie or my English is trash. I can't really say that I understand your ordering to the point where you ordered 5 different slices of pizza from me. You'd have to try REALLY REALLY freakin hard to get to that conclusion. But even then, that menu item has never been different slices and I never said I sell different slices in any way, shape or form. If you want different affinities, buy from someone who SAYS that they are all different, like Caolon. He SAYS so in his chat. I do not. Yes. I sent the same ones. I never said I wouldn't. I said the affinity is random. Not different. Can some Russian person explains two things to this guy? English doesn't seem to get through to him. 1. What the difference between RANDOM and DIFFERENT means and the fact that I never said "different" in any way shape or form anywhere. 2. What stop posting in my merchant post means.
  4. Extra info: It not only breaks the affinity timer by making it give negative timer but it also breaks the CCFP making it give no CCFP at all XD I'd love for this to get fixed. Sure, a lot of effort for most people would be needed to get past the limit, but with my current set up I can see myself pushing it beyond what I'm currently doing. It's actually possible for me to just barely hit the limit (I'd guesstimate ~5-15 complexity away from it, it'd require hella lot of testing to figure out exactly) with not too much effort (at least not too much effort in my opinion, as I'm solo supplying most of NFI's demand right now using that recipe). It's a bit scary to know when/how I can improve my pizza and by how much. It's also unfun not being able to improve my commercially sold products further. Thanks for the response tho! At least now we know what's up, which is very appreciated! A little sad that it's low prio, but the response is good enough for now.
  5. Thank you everyone for showing up and lagging the server with us all! It was fun! You're all awesome! Please don't ever feel pressured to donate anything back to me because of the hosting of a unique! Only donate if you are financially capable of supporting! If you need/want the money, sell off the blood and hides and walk away happy! Thanks to Pantha for imping my butchering knife to ql96 as support and for the 5 hides I got as donation! I almost have half the amount of hide needed for a helmut!
  6. If you go to trade chat and see caolon writing his ad, you can see that he says "5 slices, 5 different random affinities". Look in trade chat next time Caolon writes a message and you can see for yourself. I never said different. Ever. I said random. Random means I don't pick the affinity. It means I see a pizza, I slice a pizza, I send a slice and I don't care about the affinity. You shouting that I'm deceiving you just because Caolon SAYS that he sells different affinities in a pack and then you didn't get different when buying from me.. Urgh. I'm not interested in dealing with you, ever again. Ignoring my refund offer and instead spamming trade chat and then spamming this post with 5 replies shouting that I'm a deceiver? Just as a customer has the right to buy from anyone, I'd argue that the seller has the right to sell to anyone and I'll choose not to sell to you. Since you don't want to buy from me and I don't want to sell to you, then I assume that our wills are aligned. Great. Yes, it seems that's how you do it. Most people don't. Most people come to me to buy an affinity that they choose. In other words, targeted affinity. Maybe they want mining+pickaxe+body stamina+body strength. I specialize in sending exactly the affinities that my customer wants. My random affinity is not that. They are cheap and should only be used as CCFP food. Yes, yes I did. I told you to send them back and I'd get you a refund. There are logs to prove this. But you ignored it and started spamming that I'm a deceiver. And since that's the game that you want to play, then I don't see another choice for me. Go buy from Caolon or someone else. Piss off and stop commenting on my merchant post.
  7. To begin with, I refused to resolve the issue amicably? Private chat between us: Trade chat: According to the timestamp there, I offered you a refund for the pizzas 15 minutes before you started spamming trade chat that I was a scammer. I'm not the person here who's not trying to resolve things amicably. There should be logs with time stamps of all of this to be found. And I thought you were the one accusing me of being a liar.. Second of all, you started posting screenshot to me of a larder containing like 20 or so slices that you bought from Caolon. Makes me question why you even needed to buy CCFP food from me to begin with. I don't want to seem paranoid, but there's a small part of me who thinks that you were sent to try drag my name through the mud since you clearly didn't need to buy CCFP food, didn't accept my refund offer and you opted to play that kind of game instead. Screenshot in question: My version of the story: He bought 5 slices of the small CCFP single, I sent him 5 slices of the same pizza, meaning he got the same affinity on all 5 slices. He complained that his slices weren't random and compared it to what Caolon sells. I told him they were. He proceeded to do this instead of trying to resolve anything. I don't know what more to say, really. Extra edit: I edited my merch post right after all of this happened to add some extra info that it's very possible to get the same affinity mutiple times by buying that menu item. I dunno if it was clear enough or not, but I had assumed it was.
  8. Oh, guys, please don't worry about sending me any hides. That'd kill the entire point of making it public XD I got no extra hides from the last dragon and I'm still making them public, so don't worry about me needing incentive to share! Just show up and enjoy the fun!
  9. ... Which is why we're hosting another public dragon slaying! \o/ This time, it's a red dragon hatchling! The beast has been penned and deeded. The event will take place on monday 9pm GMT+2 Location will be disclosed ~10h before the event. The location is.. once again.. very close to our deed (It seems to me like we have a dragon's den nearby)! Feel free to swing by and chill at our deed before the event (we got all the altars!). Please don't use carts and wagons while attacking the dragon!
  10. The limited time deadstock item has run out and has been removed from the menu. Thank you everyone for supporting me by buying my old pizzas/first iteration of my targeted affinity pizzas rebranded as deadstock! Random affinity pizza has been added to the menu.
  11. As title suggest, I'm looking for a rare or supreme baking stone. Preferably supreme. Update: Got a rare. Will still keep looking for a supreme.
  12. What Tek said. The very easiest way to increase your affinity timer is to make something that can use a lot of ingredients. And then actually use a lot of ingredients. You can make a full house pizza with dough+passata+1 piece of meat. With high ql ingredients it'll turn out high ql. It doesn't mean that pizza will give a long affinity timer (spoiler alert: It won't. At best like 20-30 minutes at 90+ ql). People who make pizzas with long timers also take a lot of steps to increase the complexity and therefore the timer (add more ingredients, chop/pre-cook ingredients, etc.) Drinks work the same way. There's a reason why people make pizzas for long affinity and not breakfasts. Try making a different drink, such as moonshine (which allows for a variety of ingredients processed in a variety of ways to raise complexity) instead of vodka. You'll have to experiment and figure out the rest yourself, but your vodka giving low timers is (very likely) not a bug, since vodka uses very few amount of ingredients.
  13. My first Feed-My-Deed package sold! Thanks for your patronage!
  14. Can we get an official answer to this? An answer so that we know if a plan to remove (or raise) the limit or if the limit is there to stay. And if it is, if it's possible to get a fix so you don't brick the pizza if you accidentally go past it. Would be nice to know if we need to get used to making pizzas by carefully calculating how many sub-ingredients we use (in things like sausages) to not get above 128 and bricking the pizza.
  15. I tried to eat a slice of Alchemy and then eat my broken alchemy pizza. It went from 1d9h on the buff to 1d4h. Since eating consecutive bites normally only give 1/10 of the timer of the first bite, it'd make sense for my broken pizza to reduce the timer by ~5h assuming my broken pizza would've reached around 50h fb timer which I'm fairly certain it does. Meeeeeh, I wanted to push it and see how far I could get. Now I have to play chicken race and get as good of a timer as possible without breaching the ingredient cap because if I do reach it then the pizza becomes a dud (rip lots of high ql ingredients). Not the most fun game mechanic to play around, in my opinion. Please remove the cap and let me have my fun! ;(
  16. Is that intended? Or rather, is the cap at 128 intended? The results of going past it I assume isn't.
  17. Big slaying events happening! Wooh! \o/
  18. Thanks to Luttuosa and and Davih for being willing to do the work required to make it a public slaying! I know nothing about unique slaying, so them stepping up was a blessing for everyone!
  19. A post has been made by Luttuosa regarding the slaying of said dragon! Please refer to that post for information:
  20. Don't remove large saddles. Make them usable for bisons. If nothing else, it'll let us force bison to stand still when being unhitched..
  21. Gold rune of fo on a rake doesn't work on large planters. Or rather, we never get a text in chat for proccing it, which we do on ground farming. Which makes us assume that it doesn't work. I assume the 5% tending runes doesn't work either, but haven't tested them.
  22. The power went down in the middle of our convo! It's still dead here! Sorry for the delay, I'll get your slices to you the moment I can log in!
  23. If you're going to put the starting bid as higher than I can even imagine the winning bid to be, I'd advise you to put the oven on the WTS section instead of as an auction. Take it as advise, or don't. Up to you.