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  1. +1 I cannot think of any reason not to do this.
  2. Until they make this an actual thing, you can rename the four individual bsb's to unique named to make the game do this. I always rename them 1,2,3,4 for this reason and then rename them later on when I know how I want to use them. It's a workaround, at least.
  3. Just had a tool imped to 95 as well as a bunch of tools imped to 90. Excellent service. Excellent prices. Great speed. Zero complaints. Would strongly recommend and will return for future blacksmithing service!
  4. Necroing this post since fishing is kinda meh right now. +1 to more or less every suggestion posted by OP. Edit: +1 to most suggestions posted by OP. I think it's fine to have fish QL be a bit more random, similar to how butchering works. But gathering rune should definitely work for fishing!
  5. Sold to SweetSerenade at 30s buyout. Who do I CoD it to? Sent
  6. As I recently acquired a new hatchet of a higher rarity, I figured I'd be auctioning off my old hatchet since it's been imbued and everything. Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  7. A craftable multi player mount. 4 horses to make it an investment to get a fast one. Honestly, I'd just make it possible to pull with less than 4 horses but let it slow down with less just like how wagons work. It's a convenience if nothing else and nobody would use one of these for actual travel with less than 4 horses anyway. Sounds good to me! +1
  8. Oh man, I didn't realize this was already possible! Sweet!
  9. +1, This would be sooooo good for all kinds of co-op gameplay! I'd be so happy if they started with simply expanding larder permissions to allow this. That in itself would give us the functionality. Adding special perms to tables and stuff like that could come later and would also be cool to have in general. Want to host big events like impalongs or smaller events like a unique slaying? Add a feeding larder! Want to hire workers for menial tasks for a big project and supply them with food? Add a feeding larder! Want to feed your alliance some affinity food but not have to worry about if the pizzas will get accidentally/purposefully taken? Add a feeding larder! So much possibilities!
  10. There's other games that already has this feature, such as Mabinogi and Archeage. Devs, if you're going to do this, don't try to re-invent the wheel. Yoink what's already good and if you want it to be different/unique, then make changes to it. +1
  11. Chocolate covered strawberries for the little more.. RP
  12. I'd argue that's either a lie or my English is trash. I can't really say that I understand your ordering to the point where you ordered 5 different slices of pizza from me. You'd have to try REALLY REALLY freakin hard to get to that conclusion. But even then, that menu item has never been different slices and I never said I sell different slices in any way, shape or form. If you want different affinities, buy from someone who SAYS that they are all different, like Caolon. He SAYS so in his chat. I do not. Yes. I sent the same ones. I never said I wouldn't. I said the affinity is random. Not different. Can some Russian person explains two things to this guy? English doesn't seem to get through to him. 1. What the difference between RANDOM and DIFFERENT means and the fact that I never said "different" in any way shape or form anywhere. 2. What stop posting in my merchant post means.
  13. Extra info: It not only breaks the affinity timer by making it give negative timer but it also breaks the CCFP making it give no CCFP at all XD I'd love for this to get fixed. Sure, a lot of effort for most people would be needed to get past the limit, but with my current set up I can see myself pushing it beyond what I'm currently doing. It's actually possible for me to just barely hit the limit (I'd guesstimate ~5-15 complexity away from it, it'd require hella lot of testing to figure out exactly) with not too much effort (at least not too much effort in my opinion, as I'm solo supplying most of NFI's demand right now using that recipe). It's a bit scary to know when/how I can improve my pizza and by how much. It's also unfun not being able to improve my commercially sold products further. Thanks for the response tho! At least now we know what's up, which is very appreciated! A little sad that it's low prio, but the response is good enough for now.