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  1. You will need to dig less dirt to sell to pay for upkeep and premium on NFI compared to SFI. The price of 1k dirt sells for around 2s on NFI compared to 1s (i think? Correct me if I'm wrong, sfi:ers). As everyone already told you, all the prices are higher on NFI. This is for more or less everything player traded, not just dirt. If you're a new free to play player, you might want to keep in mind that you'll need to do less (bulk) work to stay free to play on NFI (1 month of prem is 10 silver no matter NFI or SFI) If you want to buy a bunch of coin to propel yourself, you'll get more value out of every silver on SFI.
  2. Crates holds infinite volume. 150/300 quantity. Bsb holds infinite quantity. 16000L volume. No point in runing volume on crates. If you want more capacity in the wagon, try size decrease rune on crates. It makes you fit 16 runed crates in a normal wagon or 4 in a cart.
  3. I'll presumably help with carpentry, fine carpentry and Leatherworking since i have 99 in those skills. I do have a handful of other imping skills at 90 too, so I'll be able to flexibly change station a bit if certain other stations are under big workload to help them catch up.
  4. This is the part that gets me. As someone who doesn't play this dumb swap meta game, i get punished with considerably longer time between casts because of the swappers. If you speak up against the swappers, the reply is "y u selfish no collab wit others.." but nobody is addressing the selfishness seen from the other side of the chessboard: rites constantly being delayed (sometimes quite a long time) for a big portion of the playerbase.
  5. You might want to include what kind of forges. Slate? Pottery? People care about that.
  6. The usual etiquette is max one of each tool. In other words, not 29 pickaxes
  7. My offers and amount needed: Blood type Amount Offer/each Green dragon 5 3s Black dragon 5 4s Pm me in-game or reply to this topic I'll try to update the amount needed when I manage to source some. I might also update the offer price whenever I feel it to be needed.
  8. The order has been sent, with the 6th slice priced as the first-time customer slice (can be found on my menu under the specials section). Thank you!
  9. Please send me that supreme dioptra when you get a chance! Thanks! Edit: You removed it from the merch post. I haven't gotten it, so I guess you retracted it. Huh.
  10. I don't think a lot of people consider this either, even tho 100 woa literally halves the action timer. 1000 actions of clay shingles takes twice as long as most other bulk crafting actions if you have access to 100 woa (technically more than twice the timer since faster action timer means less stam drain which also is a second snowball effect from it) I don't know about other people, but I most certainly do consider it. If I hire someone to spend 1k actions on making bsb's for me, I'll be paying them considerably more than if they made 1k nails (the bsb one being an actual example I recently hired someone for).
  11. This is one of the examples of something that should have a price range. I'd consider the price of bulk anywhere between 1-2s depending on a few factors, such as: If the action to create the bulk is woa-able If producing the bulk is done using a desirable skilling method (for example: You can get excellent skill gain in mining mining iron while you can never get excellent skill gain in bs/carp while making nails or planks) If producing the bulk requires more or less attention (dirt for example requiring more than clay, even tho both is digging) If the item has pre-production actions needed (such as making 1k small nails also requires 200 mining actions) Basic supply and demand at the time of the transaction I also don't agree with a lot of the prices I've seen recently in trade chat, as a lot of them seem to be random people parroting prices they've seen before without knowing anything. For example, for some reason people price nails at like 2.7s/1k actions (3.3s per 1k nails) but that could simply be because there's very low actual supply of it so the few ones who do supply it take advantage of it and sell them in 300-packages for 1s each. I'd still not consider that the "correct" price for it. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to release such a thing to the public. If someone thinks it's useful, then that someone would follow the price advice of that sheet and I'm personally not a fan of a collective bunch of people following the price advice of a single player. If it does get released, every single thing on the sheet should have generous ranges (for obvious reasons such as very basic supply and demand). No exception.
  12. Oohh, a non-nimble 5-drafter! Grats and GL with the auction! After seeing 50%+ of all auctions in the last month be random horses and stuff, finally good to see an actually good one