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  1. Made a custom order of 8k crops from Snaglejr. Got them delivered to me a couple days ahead of schedule, and came out at 93ql. Premium products.
  2. Update: Various prices has been reduced.
  3. This is a little odd one, but I need funds for my research and expansion so here goes! This is an auction of 138 pizza slices (one of every food affinity that exists). Obviously, many of these affinities will end up being useless to you but you can either give friends/alliance access to them or eat them as CCFP food. Info: They give 11h affinity timer on first bite. Each slice weighs 2 kg. CoD will be paid by me, the seller (I will subtract enough to make it happen). They will be sent via CoD in 4 backpacks (you can only fit up to 37 in each backpack). They will be sent at the cost of (winning price divided by four minus CoD cost) for each backpack. The slices will come renamed as a number between 0 and 137, making sorting for you considerably easier. I will make a reference sheet in form of an excel sheet with what number goes with what affinity. I will add multiple characters to help you keep it organized if you'll end up sharing it with alts/deed/friends/alliance members/what have you. They come wrapped. If you prefer them unwrapped (for whatever reason?), you will unfortunately have to unwrap them yourself (via right click). Starting bid: 5.5s (~4c per 2kg slice). Increment (minimum): 1s. Reserve: None. They will be sold at whatever the winning bid happens to be, even with the 1.42s mailing price and low starting bid. I'll be a bit sad if it doesn't sell for at least 15s, but eeh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Buyout: 40s (~29c per slice) Sniper Protection: 2h Private Bids: Not accepted.
  4. WoA has basically the same requirements to cast as CoC. I remember him telling me he's generally not casting both enchants on the same item, but if it's only one or the other then they're basically interchangeable. I'm sure that he'd cast whichever one of them you want. I mean, he even casts 70+ custom for 1s, but there are other people selling 70's precast cheaper, Lethyria being one example: Worse case scenario, you can grab the two CoC tools from rev for 1s and then grab the woa tool from someone else (like Lethyria for 0.75s) and you'd still save some money Knowing what's in merchant ads helps you know who to poke for the goods you're looking for!
  5. Tranoas (2774, 2315) Edit: Also, Jamoose the Goose right next to us has fallen. RIP.
  6. You can find these prices (or cheaper) in the merchant ads section. One example is this where you'd get a 4th tool for the 2s you're willing to pay.
  7. When using certain ingredients from an FSB (processed ingredients), they sometimes make the affinity timer considerably shorter than expected. I found an old thread where people were experiencing similar issues. I could resolve it for certain ingredients (herbs, spices and vegetables, meat) but there's a very specific ingredient where I cannot; Dough Old thread reference: A "resolved" (and working) ingredient can be pulled out of the FSB and examined, giving a creation date. Dough (at freshly created) has this too. But no matter how I try, the creation date always gets removed when I bin it. I could (and have) resolve my veggies, herbs, spices and meats. I could put a chopped tomato and a chopped fennel in to an empty bsb and then take them out to cook with. They worked as expected when doing this. I could not do this with dough. Dough always got messed up, no matter if the bsb I put it in was empty or not. I know that I was able to cook with a binned dough just a few days ago, but I didn't examine it to see if the creation date was there or not (I didn't know about this until now) so I don't know about that part. Steps to reproduce: Make 2 dough Take 2 pieces of meat Make some passata Put 1 dough, 1 meat, and enough passata in a baking stone and make a pizza Put second dough in a bin and then take it out Make the second pizza with the binned dough. Take a bite off of one of the pizzas and look at the affinity timer. Get a friend to take 1 bite out of the other pizza and look at the affinity timer. You can use 2 different types of meat to skip the friend part. Make sure the ingredients are way above your HFC, so the pizzas cap by your HFC and therefore get the same ql (mine does currently) for very exact tests. If you could also have a look at why some of the other ingredients (chopped veggies, herbs, ground spices, etc) sometimes start behaving like this while you're at it, then that'd be useful too. I'd rather not waste a bunch of ingredients making a big pizza only to find out one (or multiple) of my ingredients are messed up and then troubleshoot to figure out which one(s) if I don't have to.
  8. The ability to reload a "base" recipe (to then be able to adjust) as well as being able to add quantity of ingredients (when using multiples for weight filler) would be awesome!
  9. Welcome to Borstaskor’s Fast Food joint! We sell affordable targeted affinity pizza slices. Hi! I’m a cook trying to fill the nonexistent market for budget targeted affinity pizza. We aim to make targeted affinity food accessible to the general public by selling them in 2kg slices with an affordable price tag. We also aim to have the fastest delivery in the industry (hence the name!) with fast baking, good organization/set up, and an instant mailbox! Menu: Menu items Slices Price/Slice Total Price Total Weight Singles Targeted affinity single 1 40c 40c 2 kg Random CCFP single¹ 1 10c 10c 2 kg Combos² Fierce Combo 3 35c 1.05s 6 kg Greenish Combo 5 30c 1.5s 10 kg Champion Combo³ 7+ 25c 1.75s+ 14+ kg Special First-time customer slice⁴ 1 15c 15c 2 kg Info: All targeted affinity pizza slices have 11h+ affinity timer on first bite and will fill your CCFP. All prices include delivery cost. We only offer delivery through mailbox. All pizzas come wrapped, contain salt, and when needed to be stored, are stored in a Large Magical Chest. [Updated: 21-02-09] ¹ Random affinity slices may have lower affinity timers (Around 8-10h) since they are results of my product development experiments. They should only be expected to fill your CCFP. This menu item may run out and may not get restocked. [Updated: 21-02-16] ² You are free to choose multiple different affinities, one per slice, with any purchase. Combos included. ³ Any order of 7 or more slices will count as a champion combo and will have the appropriate price/slice. ⁴ This discount will automatically be applied to your first order of any targeted affinity menu item. It will only be applied once per character and to 1 slice. New customer procedure (for targeted affinity): FAQ (Information for newer players about food): Updates: Contact: Borstaskor (I'm generally available afternoon/evenings during EU times and most of the weekends. I'm also extra available now due to the current world-wide pandemic)
  10. These tools are not all on your eligible tools, but I'll give it a try anyway. If you don't/can't do these tools, it's fine! I want the 4 x 60's deal for 1s on the following tools: Scissors (60's CoC) Cheese drill (60's CoC) Fruit press (60's CoC) Small Anvil (60's WoA) I'd also like the small anvil to be imped to ql80 using gunth's services! Thanks!