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  1. Just wanted to share my omni hell foal! .. It's got one trait of each category.
  2. Congratulations, Achillis for winning the auction! Thank you all for the bids!
  3. This Auction has now gone in to sniper protection mode. This means that it will not end until 1 hour after the last bidder. Unfortunately, dumb me didn't think about this when creation the auction at midnight, so I won't be awake by the time the snipe protection ends. I trust that you all know how snipe protection works and that you will respect eachothers' bids. Thank you all who are bidding!
  4. This is an auction of a completed rare Wagon, which adds some extra speed. However.. there's a little bonus: The winner of the auction gets to CHOOSE one of the two wagons. This is an auction of only ONE wagon, the second one is for me to keep for myself! Your choice is between these two wagons: Wagon option 1: Blueberrywood wagon with .. a bit extra blue. Wagon option 2: Oleanderwood wagon with some extra flare. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: No buyout (Not seen a lot of rare wagons lately, so I don't know what they go for.. Sorry!) Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted. If you don't have a forum account, then feel free to pm me with a bid and I'll post it here as a comment with your name included.
  5. Welcome to Borstaskor’s rune service! If you ever wanted your items runed, now is a good time! Hi! I’m primarily a cook, but figured I'd make a merchant post to get rid of some of my rune mats by offering a rune service! Price for a guaranteed rune on your item: 2 silver General Info: The price is for any non moon metal rune of your choice. I will use my materials and I will only charge if a rune has been successfully attached. I only rune items that can be sent via the mailbox or delivered to me on Cadence. I will make an exception to this on Cadence if you can summon me and my "Recall home" is off cooldown (12h CD). Sorry everyone else who wants their mailbox runed, I'm too lazy to travel! I do not sell the runes themselves. I currently don't have enough rift mats to sell runes. Maybe in the future? I do not offer a service to craft runes using your materials. I currently don't have the skills to confidently charge people for crafting runes using their materials. Maybe in the future? I do not offer an attaching service using your runes. I don't even know how to calculate/charge for something like that yet. Maybe in the future? My rune-related skills: 80 Fine Carpentry 80 Stone Cutting 80 Jewelry smithing 45 Soul Depth (Affects rune attach success rate) Runes (from the wiki) A list of all the runes in the game, excluding Scavenger runes as they are Archaeology exclusive. Basic FAQ Information for newer players about rune related stuff and things Updates For the people curious about the changes I've made Contact NFI: Borstaskor I'm generally available afternoon/evenings during EU times and most of the weekends.
  6. I'd like to propose a few changes to the categories of a few traits. A rebalance. Change the slope-related rare draft trait to be a regular draft trait. Change the gear draft trait to be a speed trait. Remove the water speed trait. Thoughts?
  7. Reserve is a pointless roundabout way of saying start bid. Except it's pointless. .. I guess the idea was alright, at one point. Being able to price check something while still not being willing to sell it for the price people are willing to offer or something like that. It's 2021 tho, and nowadays everyone is busy and nobody gives enough sh1t to wasting their time bidding when their bids don't matter. Times change, mindsets change. Not seen a lot of auctions with one of those in a while. Probably because it's pointless and dumb, which is an opinion shared by .. I dunno, more or less everyone.
  8. I dyed our guard tower purple. I'm at work right now, so I can't post a picture of it, unfortunately! If you dyed something fun with it, please post some pictures! I'd love to get some extra inspiration and fun ideas of things to dye!
  9. Keeping deed ratio at just barely 15+ is a bit dangerous. Someone could show up with a cart and enter your deed and push it just below 15. Or even a wagon. or god forbid, a wagon with a few lead animals. Deed ratio is all animals on your deed, no matter who owns them. If you want to live on the edge, that's your choice. I wouldn't go on forums making forum posts mentioning miscarriages if I was living on the edge like this, personally.
  10. Thank you all for the good fun and the chaos that happened in trade chat afterwards! Less lag than expected, which might be good I guess
  11. Location is up! I understand why people do private dragon slayings. It's a moneymaker and them having monopoly on the hide/scales drives the price up further, making it even better of a moneymaker. I'm comfortable and having fun with my current wealth in-game and would rather make a public slaying personally, as I think it's healthy for the game which is a good enough cause for me, but it's fine not to feel that way. Everyone is different and that's fine. Not every wealthy person IRL is willing to share a big portion of their money for a good cause either. It is what it is
  12. New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child. That's from the patch notes of the AH update. So, no. That donkey is a draft donkey.
  13. Not a lot of people are talking that specifically, probably because you need 55 AH to get all 4 speed traits and 55 AH to get the three useful draft traits, meaning that it's still possible to get close to top results at 55 AH. That still makes AH unique that way unlike most other skills where top results come from a considerably higher skill level. And then there's also considerably bigger and worse issues that people would much rather talk about that most people would much rather the devs prioritized and spent their time balancing, such as the horrendous RNG.