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  1. I made a comment in this bug report post explaining what's going on as well as how to fix it. There's some bugs going on. Feel free to read that if you want to fix your broken ingredients (as well as wants to avoid the issue in the future):
  2. Oh, I issue #2 working as intended? Interesting..
  3. So as a chef I have to ask about the new fruit. Or rather, about using the new fruit.. Will we get a fix to the complexity cap (there's a bug report made for it already)? Because as it stands, I won't be able to use this (seemingly awesome) new update to its fullest if not.
  4. Try baking stones inside the forges. No backpacks. I put mine inside of 30 large amphoras in an amphora rack. It fits 20 baking stones (or 30 pottery bowls) in each amphora for a total of 600 baking stones (or 900 pottery bowls). Could also try an Large storage unit, which can hold 100 baking stones per shelf for a total of 300 baking stones. Could also use a coffin, as suggested above, but I'd only use those if you're struggling to make the other storage options due to low skill or lack of friends since a coffin can only hold 38 baking stones.
  5. I'd personally use studded any day of the week (Disclaimer: I'm only looking at studded vs chain vs plate). The most "dangerous" ever-day pve mob for most people are trolls and studded are better against that than chain or plate is. If you're confident against a troll, you're mostly confident against most other stuff. It being lighter and often times cheaper/easier to maintain imped is a free bonus. I say "dangerous" because it's not too hard to get to the point of every-day pve being a joke in terms of difficulty. So in the end, it doesn't matter too much and all armor sets are (kind of) close to each other in terms of performance. Even my non-prem alt (= no skill) with full cloth gear casted with web armor kills the occasional invading troll while being afk on my deed. (and before anyone pushes up their nerd-glasses saying "but cloth has good crush defense" - it's only a tiny bit better than plate and it's worse than chain in that department)
  6. Let's make them work for some other things too, such as sowing on large planters (making it work for sowing on the ground but not large planters? .. Eeeehh..), adding upkeep tokens to a deed, imping, etc.
  7. Is the pricing on the page the updated prices now? And I noticed that your removed the section about your rarity policy, does that mean your rarity policy now is like most other peoples instead of what your previously had?
  8. While I was reading this I was thinking "urggh, I wish they would spend more time fixing bugs and issues instead of adding new stuff". Then i got to the part where you literally said you were gonna do that. Love it
  9. People combine fat to use in sausages to get bigger ones. Keep that in mind when suggesting a raise to the volume of sausage skins, as sausages are frequently used in pizzas.
  10. Since you can't use normal dyes on backpacks, it'd be a color rune.
  11. As you said here, I didn't like faith swapping so I didn't do faith swapping. I wish my point of view was this narrow too so I could say "just do that" and then be done with it, like you are. Unfortunately, as a non-swapper, rites continuously gets pushed to adapt to the handful of swappers (yes, I still think it's a minority of people that swaps, not a majority) and the rest of us (which would be the majority, according to my beliefs) gets rites less frequently. If only this would be solved by being narrow minded enough to simply see "just don't swap if you don't like swapping" as a solution, that'd be great. It doesn't.
  12. I'm assuming the damage of the pickaxe reduces the effective ql of the pickaxe, and since lower pickaxe ql means longer action timer, that's what's happening?