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  1. As someone who's never done any forestry/almanac related stuff and things and don't know how it works, how is farming related to that?
  2. Honestly, I'm not even sure if making the ripe stage infinitely long is overpowered.. It'd open up a lot of opportunity for decoration, both for ground planting and large planters and a ton of opportunity for players of all casual levels to do farming.
  3. Honestly, I'm not sure what to do with it either lol. I do have 90 AH so I don't know if I'm gonna keep it low for skiller purposes or get it up high with botd for speed grooming. I'll figure it out at some point lol
  4. 61s (sniping at 15mins left of the auction, hoping nobody will bid over me :D)
  5. Let me sate that curiosity for you. I used this dye making method to make myself l what I called my personal "lifetime supply of dye". I know of other people who used it but I'm not here to out people who don't want to get outed. It was a process more tedious than panfilling and took quite a lot of time. I've been publically open with this multiple times on many different medias, including the factional fights live stream. Here's a vod where I show off my "lifetime supply of dye" as well as explain in chat how it was done a while ago: GM's confiscated my dye. AMA
  6. If it's working as the devs intended it, then it's not a bug. You can't "imo" intended behavior in to a bug with opinions. I don't know what's intended behavior, but if how it currently works is intended, then this post belongs in suggestions, not server bugs.
  7. +1 to OP's suggestion. The hardcores will harvest asap anyway, so they'll still have an advantage, which is fine. This change would make farming not a punishing skill for more casual players (or players whose ocd would tell them to wait until all crops are harvestable to sync the replant).
  8. Personally I see rare and supreme as one thing and fantastic as it's own thing not related to rare/supreme. Supreme is already a functionally better version of a rare while still being a bit realistic. Making fantastics be the same but a bit more rare would not really add anything to the game, imo. However, having a rarity level as absurdly rare as fantastic currently is adds this sense that there are some unique items out in the world, which is cool. A lot of people will never own a fantastic item, which is what makes it cool. The only fantastic item i own is a 1c coin and i expect that to be the only fantastic item I'll ever own. They're not functionality overpowered as items anyway, so they're fine the way they are. -1
  9. I'll offer 1.75s per 0.01kg of that drake hide (= 14s for all of the 0.08kg). If that sounds alright, please combine and cod to borstaskor. Thanks!
  10. I'm also not convinced that the IronFo rune currently works. I have no proof
  11. Since taming grinding currently means shoving a ton of foods down the throats of animals, how about a moment of inspiration during taming turning the animal in to a non combat pet? You could tame all day and collect them all
  12. "Large chance to be ignored" is not the same as "impossible to get". Can people stop saying it's the last patch was supposed to make it impossible already and read the patch notes properly? They reduced the chance.
  13. I'd want them to put the column you click to unbrand animals next to their name (to the left of it, maybe?), instead of super far to the right. It takes too much mental energy to try to unbrand animals through the menu and to try to not unbrand the incorrect animal.
  14. Sounds overpowered to me, but who knows