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  1. will they be refunding the silver it costs to buy a trader ? just leave them be.
  2. mm just a thought move the cart out of cave and try again maybe the server still thinks its a hitched horse, otherwise i am outa ideas here.
  3. is it maybe too unruly try to charm it or tame it , if not then u will need to remove equipment and brand it. if not this i dunno hope you sort it. edit : you could always check saddle perms too.
  4. The Sugarcubes - Eat the Menu - YouTube
  5. The Wedding Present - Brassneck - YouTube
  6. Public Image Ltd. - Penge - YouTube
  7. Flowers Of Romance (Remastered 2011) - YouTube
  8. thanks guys . nothing but respect for sharing these finds.
  9. I spent a week at the fo one on melody, for a fsb bin with a few rare food items and a little extra skill gain it was not worth the bother. few boars spawned and that was about it.
  10. i put here, make new bug if u will .but have i verified files more times in the last week that in 20 years on steam?
  11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat - YouTube The Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection (Audio) - YouTube
  12. prob gremlins on the zx spectrum , but on pc star wars galaxies was where to be)
  13. real kind fella ,thanks! (nice pic too).
  14. i'm sure you tube would remove any copyright infringements thanks for the advice. all credit to Phil Dragash who is amazing , your all very welcome to source your audio books where ever you like of course, some good links from gnome above.
  15. i enjoy a good read but its great to be able to play wurm at the same time.I found this and although not read by the great Andy Serkis as advertised its a real good listen for the grind) Literature & Fiction : The Fellowship of the Ring audiobooks - by J. R. R. Tolkien - YouTube enjoy i did)
  16. Public Image Ltd.- Poptones - YouTube
  17. Bobby Charles - Small Town Talk - YouTube /shrugs
  18. The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing (Philip Chevron Vocal) - Live Japan 1991 - YouTube
  19. Phat Bollard - "council" to council-badge-flashing-lunatic-jobsworths - YouTube
  20. yep defo interested, would want an ingame board tho_)