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  1. i hope this works
  2. as title, it reads in the repair / improve dropdown menu. i am unable to download a screenshot here without putting in on a third party url , why is that possible in this day and age. gonna try and post it in discord if your interested
  3. what's the timescale on this because it actually matters for business etc.
  4. holy batman, still getting client crashes here.. on a very clean system with no clutter.
  5. settlement ;- Poolside 2356 -3233 settlement ;- Lighthouse 2514 - 3070 market ;- 2316 - 3224 canal;- entrance 2166 - 3260 exit 2201 - 3233 many thanks
  6. thanks for the replys everyone i have learnt my lesson.Now i have done a lot of research into this and it seems over the past month there has been a spate of people all around the lake at q19 who have had mine doors smashed walls off deed smashed . basically anything not locked down stolen. its happened to at least 5 deeds around the lake that i know of one guy has given up his deed as he was fed up of finding the surrounding area dug up , they even stole an oven that must have been off deed. deeds that have been left for a while are being carefully watched and looted as soon as they die. so it isnt just me who has been affected. during this time one name keeps coming up every time; either tracks leading away from the scene and or seen in local. due to a priest friend we know he lives at q16 so he travels quite a distance to cause his trouble. and i for one am sick of him so if you see from q 16 in your local chat beware your area could be next.. ps you are not welcome in q19 .(and thats from everyone round the lake not just me)
  7. horses stolen.

    off deed due to maintenance of deed . Fence smashed yesterday and four horses taken from q 19, horses are called Northdream Westbear Osiodream Falcondog. any info apprieciated.