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  1. Hello all Looking to Sell 100x Sleep Powder as a Bundle for 1.7g Pickup will be at Cad H24/H25, Delivery can be arranged too. Message me in Game : Zanzooz Or Leave me a Comment here if am Offline and i will get back to you. Thanks
  2. Hey may i get a Full plate Steel Set 80QL When done you can CoD it too ZanZooZ Please. Many thanks
  3. Hey thanks, i do have same name, and i did get it, thanks again pal
  4. Hello May i get my Deed added to the community map ( Eclipse ) at Cords #3653,1401 And my Friends Deed too ( Destined Spirits ) at cords #3565, 1411 ( My friend asked me to add his deed too, under his permission Due to the fact he have no account on the forums ) Many thanks