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  1. Great suggestion. I think it's a bit silly to have to build a ladder first to get your stuff in place and then destroy it after.
  2. Love the donkeys and can't wait to see AH changed so that higher skill will be more beneficial.
  3. Just a typical Wurm friday evening in the Silver dagger tavern
  4. Thanks for the fun event. A shame this legend has met her destiny. Some random screenies to remember the occasion.
  5. I always wondered what they looked like. Thanks for sharing
  6. Time to bump this one. I think it would be really nice to have annual skin design competitions for easter eggs and christmas ornaments for instance. I'll admit it's not a 100% original idea https://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Egg But this just shows that it works and I do miss these arty competitions
  7. I want to keep those tiny guards. Perhaps add a tiny guard tower Even though my dog and pigs are lost somewhere in the grass I love these april fools change. Don't make it last too long ... except the guards
  8. +1 I would love to wear (and make) fancy clothes without loosing the protection of the armour.
  9. I think it woudl be nice if some of the rough material in Wurm would be more usefull. Like for instance wool. While wool is quite a usefull item in real life, especially some centuries ago, we can only turn it into yarn and make armour which offers very little protection. So I was thinking if we had soap, for which we already have all the material to create. We could turn wool into felt which could then be used in all different type of items. Deco items like table runners, clothing like felt hats and shoes or bags. But best of all a Yurt or Ger. We really need a comfy tent to survive those harsh Wrumian winters. The soap could also be used for imping leather and cloth items.
  10. Oh, never thought about that. There where other pigs, sheep and a dog in the same pen. I'll check the logs. Edit: checked the logs and found the murderer of my pig Venerable fat pig 'Bubbles' tries to kick old fat pig 'Speedy'. Didn't know peaceful animals would attack eachother when one is tame. Learned something new, Seems this is no bug after all.
  11. I was grinding tameing on pigs today when one attacked me. I continued tameing it, but after I succesfully tamed it the fighting didn't stop. So I walked away and tried to set 'no target'. However the option didn't show when I clicked a random tile. Then I tried to walk away further, but even when there was a fence between me and the pig, it kept on being bashed. Thougth relog might fix it, so I logged out. When I came back that pig still got bashed So I ended up with porkchops. I glitch in the new fighting system?
  12. Rift points at last Stumbled upon a rift scout camp today. Lucky for me my friend Rels.on was there, he did most of the killing. But I did scratch this ogre somewhat. Anyway time for some selfies.
  13. +1 Would be so nice to put some food on the tables of my tavern. A lot of food looks really good but that is a complete waste if you can't put it out on display.